This Magazine is Encouraging You to Drop Your Towels – Find out Why

This Magazine is Encouraging You to Drop Your Towels – Find out Why


The magazine launched their Drop the Towel campaign, which aims to get bombshells of varying body types to wear their bikinis in the pool or at the beach, leave their towels behind, and walk around with confidence.

Wear Your Voice magazine just launched a new campaign, promoting body-confidence. They used different kinds of models to prove to the world that there is no perfect body shape and type. So, everyone must feel confident when at the beach.

Nowadays, when you head to the beach, women practically wrap their bodies with a towel. This way, they can prevent others from seeing what they actually look like in a swimsuit. For that reason, Wear Your Voice magazine is encouraging women to drop the towel and show off what they’ve got – regardless of the size and the shape.


The editors of the publication are trying to challenge the concept that there is definitely an ideal body type, and that only ladies who have it must be comfortable in a swimsuit. Editor-in-chief Ravneet Vohra said to The Huffington Post, “I think we as a society have to ask ourselves this – what exactly is a “bikini body” and what are we doing to perpetuate the crisis we face around the false imagery we and our younger generation are subjected to”.

In the magazine’s campaign, nine women of different sizes wearing bathing suits were featured. At first, they were huddling consciously in towels. Eventually, they literally threw them high in the air. It was then captioned with #DropTheTowel to encourage other women to follow.




However, the campaign seemed to start off as a struggle. The editors realized that having confidence in one’s body can be hard, especially if it is not considered to be the ideal.

Nevertheless, the models looked happy and confident. All of them actually had fun on the beach, which is the exact opposite to what they expected. The editors also admitted that they already know it could be tough to embrace your body when you are “facing unrealistic societal norms”. But, they are taking a stand against body shaming through the powerful images they got.

Ms. Vohra just said, “inspire and evoke a deeper thought about what a perfect body is”.

Senior editor Monica Cadena told The Huffington Post, “This is a movement for all shapes, sizes, colors, disabilities and genders to proudly proclaim that they are done hiding their already beautiful summer body – and are ready to lose that cover-up and drop the towel”.

There were eight women and one transgender who participated in the campaign. They each help up signs with #F***FatPhobia. They were actually referencing to another body positive campaign of the magazine, which aims to raise awareness and challenge “fat phobia”.

Watch the entire video here:

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