This NYPD Cop is So Scorching Hot …Instagram is in Flames

This NYPD Cop is So Scorching Hot …Instagram is in Flames


Many gorgeous hunks have already conquered Instagram with their jaw-dropping looks and it seems surprising to know that there is yet one more patrol officer that has girls doing some crazy stuff just to get his attention.

However popular he might be in Instagram, be careful not to cross any lines because Miguel Pimentel, an eye candy cop from the New York Police Department, has a girlfriend.

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Miguel Pimentel has got what it takes to make the girls go crazy!

This 33-year-old cop might be the girls’ reason not to follow the law…

No doubt women are falling in love with this guy…


His tattoos emphasize his muscles…

You can follow him on Instagram and see his hot selfies…

Really, he looks so good, he should be deemed illegal

Before being part of NYPD, he was a Marine Officer and has toured Afghanistan and Iraq during his decade of service


His hard work has paid off after bodybuilding while on active duty

In 2013, he even won the National Physique Committee New Jersey State Championship.

His popularity has become unstoppable.


So, you know now who to call when you get in trouble in New York


Watch these videos of this hunk of a cop below:

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