Top 5 Strange Wine Glasses Ever

Top 5 Strange Wine Glasses Ever


If wine improves age, designers are also on the quest to improve wine glasses.

They say a glass wine can affect the perception of a person drinking the wine. They are known to enhance the aroma and flavor of your drink, that explains why red wine glasses are basically different from white ones. However, if you want to enhance your drinking experience and play with your creativity, you have to get out of the box, ditch your typical stemware goblets and try these unique wine glasses that are created to give you an exclusive wine taste in avant garde designs.

Wine Glasses with Glass Straw

Designed by Oenophilia, these hand free sippers with glass straw are designed to increase the flavors of ports and liqueurs and to avoid the purple ring around the mouth while drinking wine.

You can have a set of these four exemplary wine glasses for only $26.


The Glass Tank Wine

Tired of refilling your glasses with your favorite vino? Kouichi Okamoto has something for you, an inverted teardrop shaped tank a side goblet so you can enjoy your drink without having the wine bottle by your side.

This smart glass tank controls the amount of wine that goes into your goblet without overflowing with combined air and water pressure.


Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses

 Periodic table wares have reached the winery department with these adorable laboratory beaker wine glasses that allows you to have fun and recreate your scientific illusions.

Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses




Facehugger Wine Glass

While some find this glass creepy, others think this face hugger vessel is adorable. Created by French artist Antoine Brodin, this design has been highly replicated and received mixed reviews from critics.


Aereting Wine Glasses

They are not just created for some aesthetic reasons, these wine glasses are purposely designed to expose the wine to air. Aeration is known to trigger oxidation and evaporation of wine thus giving more aroma and flavor.





Take a sip with these unconventional goblets, they are not just artistic and convenient, they also give your dinner party more edge, not to mention they intensify the taste of your vino on a totally different level.



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