Top Reasons Why Optimistic People Are Always Late

Top Reasons Why Optimistic People Are Always Late

Are you always late for school? Are you on the top on your boss’s list of most wanted for always running late? Are you always the one who gets the least blessing for being the last one to arrive on events? It might be considered a bad habit, but there might just be a very enviable thing about you—you are optimistic.

They might be all right with everything and goes with the flow of trials, believing they all happen for a reason and that all is well at the end of the day, optimists tend to believe that even with time, there won’t be a problem. Scientists’ study proves that there is one thing all optimistic people have: they are always late.

Management consultant Diana DeLonzor commented, “Most late people have been late all their life, and they are late for every type of activity—god or bad. Surprisingly little scientific research has been done on tardiness, but some experts subscribe to the theory that certain people are hardwired to be late and that part of the problem may be embedded deep in the lobes of the brain.?”




Optimistic people most often think that they have enough time for everything, when in fact, they only have a few minutes late, not even sufficient for a good-time shower. While it is good that they think it will all be okay and will not walk to the office with a face of a mourning person, being late can bring a lot of problems, especially in work, it does have a few benefits.

Being optimistic and ending up being late means you’re hopeful. Optimistic and late people believe they can do thirty kinds of work in thirty minutes. With this, though, they appear idealistic and unrealistic, but that is better than being hopeless and giving up without even having to make an attempt, isn’t it? Being optimistic is also proven to be good for the physical health—reducing stress and diminishing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If you’re optimistic, you are also driving yourself closer to success. It increases productivity, creativity, and makes one more cooperative. A study also proves that these people are more laid-back and easygoing, creating a lighter mood in an exhausting environment.

There is not a single part in this article, though, that it is totally okay to be late. Of course, it is not good to make tardiness a habit, but one thing’s for sure: we are all old enough to know what is right and take responsibility for the things we find wrong. If you are optimistic and always late, make sure to remind yourself of its perks and disadvantages.


If you think it’s time to turn over a new leaf, here’a video to help you out with that.


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