This Tough Old Biker Proves Why You Should NEVER Judge A Book By Its Cover

This Tough Old Biker Proves Why You Should NEVER Judge A Book By Its Cover


War veteran Ron Hall is your typical rough-and-tough, leather-clad, tattooed biker dude whom everyone sees as a bad guy. In fact, American independent film director Debra Granik called him Ron “Stray Dog” Hall when she cast him as the villain of her critically acclaimed 2010 film Winter’s Bone. Debra thought that Stray Dog was really a bad guy in real life, but once Debra got to know him, she began to admire his loving nature.

Stray Dog loves his children and wife more than anyone else in the world. He also loves animals, Debra even saw him sit on a couch and let three kittens crawl all over him. He is a man whose heart is as big as his body. Debra decided to film another movie—only this time, it was a documentary that follows the story of Stray Dog’s life.

The movie Stray Dog is described by movie critic Dean Treadway as “a pitch-perfect portrait of an unconventional father and husband. It is a story of a man who advocates himself for those whose voices are hailed while in the service of their country, whose needs are often forgotten once their duty is done.”

This movie shows that you should never judge a book by its cover.


Watch the trailer of Stray Dog below.

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