Who Needs a Traditional Wedding Cake?

Who Needs a Traditional Wedding Cake?

Tired of that same old traditional weddings? Looking for new ways to spice up your big day? Start putting on some challenge on your wedding cake first. Try these unconventional, creative, and fun wedding cakes.



Looking for a striking wedding cakes? Why not indulge yourselves with a wedding cake made from local and imported cheese?



Planning for an early-morning wedding? Make your wedding cakes a breakfast-for-lunch one with this pancake cake.

Cake Pops

These tasty balls of cake frosting will delight children and adults alike.



Chocolate Wedding Tower is creative and quite practical too. When it’s time for the bride and groom to slice the cake, they will just exchange truffles and feed each other! And since the cake doesn’t need to be sliced, guests can easily come and take their share¬†from the tower.





A wedding cake tower made of oatmeal-raisin chai biscotti, salty chocolate wonders, four types of little meringues (cinnamon-hazelnut, almond, vanilla, and walnut), and pistachio-bordered rice shortbread cardamom cookie. A beautiful wedding cake to treat your guests.



Newlyweds Tom and Kerry Watts are big fast food fans that they gave up on traditional wedding cakes. Instead, the couple enjoyed what they love best, and that is a huge burger with all the trimmings. The huge cheeseburger weighed 19 kg and was nearly half-a-meter wide. It is equivalent to about 100 quarter pounders. The cake became the highlight of the couple’s wedding reception at Zaks.



This one is for couples who love pizza too much. This “pizza cake,” a stack of mouth-watering Domino’s pizzas, allows the couple to “slice the cake” for the camera while enjoying pizza.



A wedding cake made up of whisper-thin crepes and layered with mouthwatering fillings. A perfect “non-cake” cake for weddings.



How about this crazy and tasty cake? This three layers of raw fish, caviar, avocado, and edamame beans covering sticky rice. This is what a sushi lover’s wedding cake would look like.




Pork Pie

For those who want to go away from the traditional wedding cakes, they should head to Wilsons Butchers of England for their cake. The Wilsons Butchers offers three-tier pork pie wedding cakes. These cakes are handcrafted in the Wilsons’ own in-house bakery. It comes in ascending sizes of squares. The chefs can even personalize the unique cakes to include names, dates, and a few sweet messages.


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