15 Super Hero Nail Art Ideas

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It’s Comic-Con days in San Diego and we got your back, we mean your “nails”. We have a bunch of nail art inspiration for you below to complete your superhero (or villain) look. Scroll down and find out more.

The Marvels are Here

And Snoopy too!

The Dark Knight Rises…

With the Bananas!

All your favorite superheroes are here



Boom! Bang! What?!

So, where’s Joker?

Marvel vs. DC

You’ve got some webs

You’ve got some serious fangs there



It’s pizza time, Ninja Turtles!

Let’s see how well you know the logos


This is what they call “web design”

Batman got a glossy makeover



Check out some nail tutorials below on how to pull off the best comic con nail art look:



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