Typical Train Scenes in India

Typical Train Scenes in India

Home of diverse culture and wild biodiversity, India is also a home to over one billion people and is considered the second most populated country all over the world. Roughly twenty percent of the total population of the country travels by train everyday in the Indian railways that offer more than 9,000 trips.


There are 7,500 railway stations in India which is also known to be one of the world’s largest railway networks with 115,000 kms of tracks and 65,000 kms or routes.


As the easiest means of transportation in the country, Indian railways carry about 25 million passengers in a day. It is also one of the world’s largest employers with almost 2 million staffs recorded.


On a typical day, when the train pulls into the station, Indians are on a race towards the ride of their life. People are pushing one another to grab a seat while others climb through the train’s window. Those who failed to secure their spot will have to stand in between the aisles of the train or settle on the train roof or hang on the side of the train for more than a couple of hours.

India has luxury trains too, but when millions of Indians doesn’t have the fortune to go on board in an upscale trail, riding their way to and from work like this is just their way of life.


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