These Ultra-Creative Beds Look Almost Good Enough to Eat

These Ultra-Creative Beds Look Almost Good Enough to Eat

We always look forward to waking up in the morning, not only because of the hearty breakfast that awaits us, but because it’s going to be another day. But, if breakfast is the only thing that inspires you to get up each day, then these food-shaped beds will surely make you want to sleep for the rest of your lives.

1. A Short Stack of Pancakes

This is just a very short stack. If you have loads of ’em, for sure, you get the most luxurious sleep of your life.

2. Bread Bed

We bet you’ll just sleep onto these loaf slices.

3. Slumberrito

If you’re thinking where are all the vegetables and cheese parts of this burrito, well, just don’t mind to taco ’bout it.

4. Waffle Mattress

This waffle bed is perfect for any morning person. However, it would probably be much better if it came with a syrup blanket.

5. Multigrain Mattress

This inflatable multi-grain mattress is definitely a must-have!




6. An Egg Bread

Whether this look yummy or gross, it still looks pretty comfy.

7. Mr. Goodbed

By sleeping in this bed, you will surely have the sweetest of all dreams. But, be sure you brush your teeth first thing in the morning.

8. An Ice Cream Couch

If you want to look cool while sleeping, why not sleep in this ice cream couch and wear your coolest sunglasses.

9. Pizza Bread

If a slice of pizza isn’t enough for you, we suggest you sleep on it.

10. Burger Bed With Fries and a Coke

Obviously, the owner of this room is a fan of McDonald’s. However, with the square-shaped patty, it seems that the whole concept is copied from Wendy’s.




11. Sandwich Bed

Every sandwich fan will surely want to sleep on this bed.

12. Pastry Pillow

Are you feeling cold? Get the warmth that you need to survive a cold winter night with this pastry pillow.

13. Tater Bed

People often say that anything made from potatoes are comfort foods. This is probably what they meant.

14. Square Pizza Bed

Here is another pizza bed for all pizza lovers out there.

15. Nest Bed

Not only does this bed serve as a cozy place to sleep. It can also be a perfect hiding place for all your cushions.




16. A Hotdog Couch

If you are a big fan of hotdogs, then this bed will make you feel like one. All you have to add is some mustard and other relish.

17. A Giant Hamburger Bed

Hamburglars won’t be able to steal this giant hamburger! So, now you can rest at ease.

18. Fido Donut

Don’t just shop for food-shaped beds for yourself. Think of your pets. They also need one! And, this donut bed seems to be the perfect bed for them.

19. Cheesy Crib

With this bed, the kids will no longer complain about monsters hiding underneath.

20. Fries Bunk

Sleep light with a couple of fries sticks on your side.


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