Unbelievable Images that Defy the Laws of Physics

Unbelievable Images that Defy the Laws of Physics

Physics comes from the Greek word “phusike” which means “knowledge of nature.” This specific branch of natural science involves the study of matter and its motion and movements through time and space.

Considered to be one of the oldest branches in the field of Science, Physics have come a long way in explaining many of the world’s most bizarre and otherworldly phenomena that were once considered to be work of supernatural beings. However, despite technological and theoretical advancements in this field, there are just some things in this world that truly defy the laws of science.

Here are examples of photos that truly defy the established laws of Physics.

Who said the moon was made of cheese?

Nature’s balancing act.

A handy way to stack up on your tools.

It’s all in the claws.

Enough said.




 Climbing mountains never looked this easy.

Inception Overload.

 Poise and grace.

 Food trip anyone?



To see is to believe?

Rock climbing anyone?

 Inception Part 2

The Domino Effect




Meet the Master of Fast Reflexes

Optical Illusion

A fun way of waiting for your food.




Check out more Physics defying pictures around the world.


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