Vera Shimunia

Artist Vera Shimunia Makes Colorful Landscapes Through Needle Painting

Just when you thought needle painting embroidery couldn’t get any more complicated, a Russian artist dared to make it more challenging. Vera Shimunia takes embroidery to a whole new level and makes pieces that look like an oil painting!

Vera Shimunia: The Young and Talented Needle Painting Embroidery Artist

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Needle Painting Embroidery Art

Vera Shimunia of St. Petersburg, Russia, is the talented artist behind the amazing needle-painted embroidered artworks that are making the rounds on the internet. For those who aren’t quite familiar, needle painting embroidery requires complex stitching together of colorful threads to form an artistic portrait onto an embroidery hoop, which, in this case, is palm-sized.

It’s definitely not your regular needle painting. What makes Vera’s works of art more unique is that she creates incredible three-dimensional landscapes, making her surreal creations lifelike. She has also mashed up artwork with photographs and illustrations to produce vivid visuals.

With her expertise in embroidery, Vera Shimunia can create realistic clouds, vibrant sunsets, and rainbow-hued skies She has also created embroidered artworks of mountains, fields of flowers, and seas.

Art of Vera Shimunia

Not only does she express her art through a small embroidery hoop, but she also does large-size landscapes that are just equally stunning and eye-catching. Her finesse still shows on the landscapes, with the colorful threads intricately sewn to perfection.

Her talent is undeniably mind-blowing, no wonder her pieces always get sold out the moment they are put up for auction on Etsy, an online-selling platform.

With the success she’s enjoying, Vera Shimunia is grateful for her fans and supporters who have stayed with her all throughout the year.

“My dear friends, thank you for all your support and that you are with me!”, she said. “2018 was really fruitful, thanks to you.”

The embroidery artist has her own Instagram account where she shares photos of her works to her more than 200,000 followers.

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