Horror Movies in 2019

21 Horror Movies You Need to See in 2019

Who says spooky season is only meant for the end of the year? It’s never too early nor too late for a horror movie marathon, is it? If you are a fan of the Stephen King– and Wes Craven–frontrun genre, 2019 will be a fun ride for you.

Just as the year opens, a lot of cinemas will already be swamped with horror movie fans wanting to see the latest spine-chilling film. But what movies are we exactly expecting this year?

Must-See Horror Movies in 2019

It’s only January, but with the number of horror films about to hit theaters this year, 2019 is sure going to be a creepy one. From highly anticipated sequels to films that boast fresh concepts and characters, here are some of the must-see horror movies in 2019.

1. Child’s Play

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Horror Movies in 2019

Scheduled for a June 2019 release, Child’s Play follows the same characters and narrative as its 1988 predecessor. Although technically a reboot, unlike the earlier film, Child’s Play puts the spotlight on a doll called Buddi. It’s been revealed that the makers of the film used a high-tech doll to appeal to the modern audience.

2. Pet Sematary

Horror Movies in 2019

Pet Sematary is one of the scariest novels Stephen King has ever written. This year, on April 5, King’s classic tale will be retold on the big screen by filmmakers Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer.

Just like the novel, Pet Sematary centers around the Creed family and everything they have to deal with after moving to a new town. As Kölsch and Widmyer are King fans themselves, expect that they’ll deliver more than what’s expected.

3. The Curse of La Llorona

Horror Movies in 2019

The Curse of La Llorona is based on the Mexican folktale about the Weeping Woman, a mother who is believed to have lost her children and cries while searching for them. One of the must-see horror movies in 2019, The Curse of La Llorona follows a social worker who’s investigating a troubled mother and catches the attention of La Llorona.

The movie will have its initial US release on April 19, 2019.

4. The New Mutants

Horror Movies in 2019

Based on the Marvel Comics team New Mutants, The New Mutants revolves around a group of teenagers held in captivity against their will who soon discover their powers. Although the film leans more on the superhero narrative, directors bumped for reshoots and added horror scenes. The film will hit the big screen in August 2019.

5. Annabelle 3

Horror Movies in 2019

Everyone knows Annabelle, even the ones who don’t like horror films. In Annabelle 3, the creepy, possessed doll continues to wreak mayhem by awakening other evil spirits resting in the Warrens’ artifact room.

Nobody likes to keep creepy dolls, but it seems like Annabelle is someone we can’t seem to let go. And in one of the most highly anticipated horror movies in 2019, she is all set to scare moviegoers again this July.

6. The Witch in the Window

Horror Movies in 2019

A dad brings his twelve-year-old son to a rural place in Vermont to flip an old farmhouse. Days later, they realize fate is definitely not on their side as they start to face the vengeful spirit of the house’s previous owner, Lydia.

Called one of the most exciting horror films of the year, The Witch in the Window is directed by Andy Mitton and stars Alex Draper and Charlie Tacker.

7. Slice

Horror Movies in 2019

From the studio that brought Hereditary and It Comes at Night to life, Slice is a mellow movie for the Halloween. The film’s uniquely fun take on the horror genre tells the story of a town whose people start a blame game after a pizza delivery guy gets murdered on the job. The finger-pointing later gives birth to speculations that a ghost, drug dealer, or a vicious werewolf might have killed the man.

8. The Nun 2


One of the must-watch horror movies in 2019, The Nun 2 is an upcoming American horror film helmed by Corin Hardy. Just like its predecessor, the demonic nun from The Conjuring 2 is the focus of this film. Although for now, a 2019 release is unlikely, fans of the movie are hoping Warner Bros. Picture could leave enough room for the film’s early return.

9. World War Z 2


The dashing Brad Pitt takes on the main role of this sequel. The plot of the movie shows a glimmer of hope for the future as the remnants of mankind discovers a way to pass unnoticed among the infected ones by infecting themselves with a life-threatening but curable disease. But the world’s still contaminated, so in World War Z 2, expect a series of fighting back and cleansing the earth.

10. Malicious


Another one of the must-watch horror movies in 2019 is Malicious. The film revolves around a young college professor and his pregnant wife who unknowingly release an evil being with intentions of causing death upon the living.

11. Patient Zero


Patient Zero is an action horror film that features a band of survivors who are on a quest to find a cure for an extremely rare, contagious, and mutated virus (rabies) that turns the infected into a voracious but extraordinarily clever new species.

During the film’s initial screening, it has been praised for its fresh story line. Patient Zero is directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky, the man behind Germany’s hit horror films Anatomy and Cold Hell. It stars Natalie Dormer and Stanley Tucci.

12. The Possession of Hannah Grace

Starring Shay Mitchell, The Possession of Hannah Grace tells the story of a morgue worker and her close experience with a supernatural entity after receiving the cadaver of a young woman who died in an exorcism. If you want to start your year on a scary note, this movie is what should be on your screen.

13. Train to Busan 2

Train to Busan sure gave viewers one heck of a ride. The comical scenes gave laughter, the race against time and, well, zombies gave heart attacks, and the death of the main character had people crying buckets of tears.

In late 2018, the film’s director, Yeon Sang-ho, confirmed with Metro that a sequel is now being developed and will be released soon. With this installment, the Korean horror film is expected to bring light and hope—but will it, really?

14. I Still See You


Based upon the novel Break My Heart 1000 Times, I Still See You features Bella Thorne as Roni who, ten years after a doom-laden event, receives a frightening message from the dead. She later finds herself in a shadow world trying to stop a devious killer.

Also one of the must-watch horror movies in 2019, I Still See You is a spellbinding supernatural thriller all ready to make every horror film fan’s year more exciting.

15. Summer of 84


When curiosity beats a group of teenage friends, they start an expedition to gather evidence and spy on a police officer whom they suspect is a serial killer. But just when they think they’ve finally gotten the answers to their questions, things get scarily dangerous.

Serial killer movies are not always well-received, but being helmed by the creative minds of François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl WhissellSummer of 84 might just be one of the first to change that pattern.

16. Heretiks


If there were an Oscar for movie trailers, Heretiks would surely get a nod.

Already attracting buzz, Heretiks centers around Persephone, a young woman falsely accused of being a necromancer but saved from execution with the intervention of a mysterious Reverend Mother. She is later asked to live in a sanctuary and spend the rest of her life serving the Lord. But as soon as she arrives, the place becomes damned, and she battles for her soul’s salvation.

17. Happy Death Day 2U


Christopher Landon‘s Happy Death Day became a huge hit that it didn’t come as a surprise when the director announced there would be a sequel.

Set two years after the first film’s events, Happy Death Day 2U follows protagonist Tree Gelbman as she unexpectedly reenters the time loop. Just like the first film, she tries to escape the loop, only this time, it’s to save not only herself but also her friends.

Happy Death Day 2U is scheduled for a February 2019 release.

18. I’ll Take Your Dead


If you want to start your year with a horror film with exciting twists, I’ll Take Your Dead is the one for you.

I’ll Take Your Dead revolves around a man who takes on a rather unusual job: to dispose of bodies for gangsters. The circumstances surrounding his work force him to open his farmhouse as a dumping ground to hide the bodies of the victims of the gang’s murders. Things take an unexpected turn when one of the corpses he’s asked to bury turns out to still be alive.

19. Don’t Breathe 2


In Don’t Breathe, three thieves make the wrong decision to rob a blind retired army, believing it would be the easiest crime ever. Turned out, the victim is not what they expect him to be. The three later find themselves in a seemingly endless struggle to get out of the house. In the surprise hit’s sequel, Don’t Breathe 2, the blind man returns to terrorize more people.

Actor Stephen Lang confirmed he would be reprising his role as the blind man, and Fede Álvarez will sit on the director’s chair once again to helm the film.

20. The Conjuring 3


If the 1990s had the Scream franchise, the 2010s has The Conjuring. And this year, the film series will once again strike terror into people’s heart with another nightmare-inducing movie.

Definitely one of the must-see horror movies in 2019, The Conjuring 3 will focus on another one of the Warrens’ cases. This time, the spotlight is on a man who is on trial for murder but claims he was possessed by a demon when the crime happened.

21. It: Chapter Two


The 2017 film It was a huge success, so huge that some delivery companies started having their delivery men transport goods in Pennywise costume. Fast-forward to 2019 and the movie is about to grace cinemas again with another bone-chilling feature.

It: Chapter Two is set 27 years after the events of the first film. Most of the Loser’s Club have become moved out of the town. But It returns and the now-adult club members try to fulfill their promise of ending the creepy creature.

As most of the horror movies in 2019 are follow-ups to the last two years’ hits, make sure to use the first few days of the year to watch their predecessors. A horror movie marathon may sound like just an October 31st thing, but watching slasher movies with a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda (and a blanket for some occasional hiding) on a warm January night is just as fun.

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