Violin Prodigy Akim Camara Wows Audiences with His Skills

Violin Prodigy Akim Camara Wows Audiences with His Skills


At a young age, violinist Akim Camara has shown talent beyond his years.

Dieom Casipong Playing violin

Dieom Casipong Violin prodigy




Starting at the age of two, Akim was already taking violin lessons under instructor Birgit Thiele at the Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music. At that time, he was speaking nonsense, but he was able to remember the names of all musical instruments and the music he heard.

Dieom Casipong Violin practice


Dieom Casipong Violin practice

Moved by his exceptional memory, Birgit started teaching him twice a week in 45-minute sessions. The toddler learned fast and after six months, he had his debut performance in a Christmas concert, started by the school.




Gudrun Mueller, the music school principal, then messaged the celebrity Dutch violinist Andre Rieu about Akim’s talent. He responded quickly and sent a camera crew to Berlin to catch Akim playing the violin.

Dieom Casipong

Dieom Casipong






Akim’s performance shocked him. He immediately took action by inviting the parents and the grandmother of the child to his studio, alongside Akim. The then three-year-old boy impressed everyone at the studio, especially the members of the orchestra.

In July 2004, Akim performed with Rieu in concert. It was attended by more than 18,000 people. Following his success, Akim was hidden from the public eye since lots of German television stations started asking him for appearances.

Rieu, on the other hand, took care of Akim. He paid and oversaw the boy’s violin and piano lessons. This way, Akim will remain a nice boy.



With his ability to memorize a piece, Akim’s talent improved rapidly. He later made an appearance on a Danish TV show. After which, he performed with Rieu with a more complex piece, Felix Mendelssohn’s Dance of the Fairies.




Watch the video below and be amazed by his talent:





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