Get A Load of Aqua Treadmill: The Inflatable Wheel

Get A Load of Aqua Treadmill: The Inflatable Wheel

Giant hamster balls gives us the pleasure of walking on water. However, it has drawbacks of its own. The fun is only limited because you have to replenish the air every now and then or you will suffocate. It is also hard to steer, especially on water.

World of Watersports (WOW) have noted these flaws and they developed a new way to let us have fun without any limitations. We give to you the Aqua Treadmill.

This giant inflatable wheel is designed to accommodate three people at a time, where they can walk, crawl, climb, or relax on it while on their backyard swimming pools or the beach.

Sprockets are installed along the outer wheels for easy propulsion, and can gain a speed of up to 10 mph. Steering is convenient, too. Just shift your weight to one side and push with your hands to propel, then you are good to go.

The wheels are available in high-visibility colors for maximum visibility and safety measures, and it has eight built-in drainage ports to keep the water from filling it.

The original price is $479. Get it for only $334 at Amazon


Aqua Treadmill Specifications:

1-3 person human-powered vehicle for the water

74″ x 74″ x 61″ (Inflated size)

4″ high center cockpit


8 drainage ports

Grommet with 10-feet rope for tying off

Cushioned cockpit makes a great covered lounge

High profile and bright colors for easy visibility in the water

Giant Inflatable Aqua Treadmill

In addition to the aforementioned specifications, the Aqua Treadmill  is made from a durable, yet soft PVC material.

Leroy Peterson founded the WOW back in 2010. He envisioned to create and design cutting-edge and innovative water sport accessories. With its quality construction, WOW has developed a wide array of these accessories which are designed to promote and increase the fun in each one of your vacations.

Price is $479  Get it on Amazon for only $334

Simply click on any of the links provided that will redirect you to the Amazon page of Aqua Treadmill.

Have a fun summer vacation!



Watch the Aqua Treadmill in full action in the videos below:



Price: $479 Get it for $334 on Amazon


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