Why Women Find Older Men More Attractive

Why Women Find Older Men More Attractive

Older men have always been and will always be fascinating to women. That’s a fact which there’s no running away from, boys. Of course, we generalize here, and it is possible to find idiots in an older age group, too. Likewise, it is also possible to find wise old souls trapped in younger bodies.

You think that you do everything right when it comes to wooing women — you manage to look presentable, you crack witty one-liners (stolen from Oscar Wilde’s quotes), you criticize Honey Singh with just the right amount, and make the right noises when she speaks. But somehow, every girl you like ends up picking your senior instead of you. Pay heed, and you might be able to grasp where the problem lies.

Here are 12 reasons why women go for older men.

1. They Don’t Play Mind Games

Now this is not to say they are boring. They can be witty and interesting as hell. It’s just that their idea of fun does not include sitting in front of their phone, and not picking up their woman’s calls.

2. They Have Old-World Charm

Not many women fancy the idea of hearing a “Heyyy whaddupp babesss” on their first date. Whether it is pulling chairs, getting flowers, or simply giving a peck on the cheek, instead of shoving your tongue down her throat, nothing melts a woman’s heart more than keeping things old school.

3. They Know How To Pleasure A Woman In Bed

Reasons Why Women Find Older Men More Attractive

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Hands down, older men are way better in bed. They know what women want, and know their bodies, as well as they know their beers. They have seen much variety, and definitely more than just porn. The delusions created by porn have been shattered long ago, and they are as real in bed as it can get.

4. They Are Smarter And Wiser

With all those years in their system, they have to got to be smarter than their younger counterparts who are busy guzzling pint after pint of beer. Let’s face it, boys, older men are wiser and more mature. People are silly when they are young. And women don’t like waiting for the boys to grow up.

5. They Don’t Try To Change A Woman

While everyone likes a stylish and pretty woman, older men don’t beat themselves too much over a girl’s nail polish or that single strand of white hair. They are more concerned with what lies inside, and are more accepting of a woman’s imperfections. Unlike younger boys, they don’t attempt to change the woman they fall in love with. They are not judgmental, period.




6. They Can Take Charge

Reasons Why Women Find Older Men More Attractive

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Older men often hold an image of authority in a woman’s mind. Whether it’s deciding which place to eat in, or booking that holiday package, they know when to take charge, and do it without being overbearing. Now it is a truth universally acknowledged that women tend to date daddy figures. Somebody who reminds them of their fathers, and assures them (if only subconsciously) of a protected and safe environment. The unsaid promise that they will be there in times of trouble is enough to make a woman’s heart melt for them.

7. They Can Hold An Interesting Conversation

The complimentary trait that comes with more wisdom is the ability to hold a interesting conversation for more than 30 minutes. And the conversation doesn’t necessarily have to have sex in it for it to be interesting.

8. They Are Well Settled In Their Careers

The older men are well established in their careers; they are financially more stable, and the promise of a calmer life is something women can say “No” to. It might come across as shallow, but women looking to settle down often tend to go for the nice guy with a stable job and a house.

9. They Are Not Hell Bent On Scoring Chicks

Older men are more secure in their skin. They have been there, done that. They have picked up girls in bars; they have made out with their girlfriends secretly in cars. The world is no longer their oyster. They don’t need to brag to their guy friends about the chicks they have bedded. They just want to spend a calm evening with their woman. And nothing is more comforting for a woman than a guy who has eyes only for her.

10. They Know What They Want And Are Not Afraid To Say It

Whether it’s casual dating or a serious relationship, they know what they want from a woman and express it without beating around the bush, and they can do so without sounding blunt either. Women appreciate honesty any day.

11. It’s A Forbidden Pleasure

Reasons Why Women Find Older Men More Attractive

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The very fact that there is a huge age gap is enticing enough for the partners to be hooked to each other. It’s human nature to want that which is forbidden.

 12. Children are not your #1 priority

Older men often either already have children of their own, or may not be open to having more (or able to!). Some young women find this very appealing and therefore find older men more attractive than younger men for a life-long mate. Deciding to have children or not can be a huge stress in any relationship, financially, emotionally and physically. Children add a huge element to a couple’s life. All of their focus is soon directed at their kiddo, instead of themselves. For younger couples this idea of giving up the spotlight is less than appealing. However, some women feel the pressure to have kids, yet truly have no desire to do so. Enter the older man, who cannot, or will not have children. A perfect fit.

13. Thoughtfulness

Remember when guys used to plan ahead to take you out on dates and didn’t just shoot you a text making some vague plan about meeting up one day of the week? I barely remember it but it did used to happen. (Fine, it still does happen but it’s rare.) See, a lot of the time people believe that being thoughtful means having to spend money or do something out of the ordinary. In reality it’s the little things like walking on the outside of the street, listening to what interests you and incorporating said interest into your next date, that makes a huge difference. Being thoughtful is about putting in a little effort and showing the person that you’re really interested in, that you are really interested.

14. Calling

Why is everyone so afraid of a phone call? Well, I know the answer to that – it’s because texting and emailing and facebooking is so much lazier. Not to mention the perfectly calculated and contrived messages that people can come up with in place of real, imperfect, sometimes embarrassing slip-ups you that have when you’re on a phone call with someone. And it almost feels like participating in these texting games and mini textationships has become so normalized that you have to, even when you don’t want to. These days, I’m considering telling guys I don’t have texting so if they want to reach me, they’ll have to call.


15. Attentiveness

Sometimes I wish mobile phones weren’t invented. I know that’s a huge statement to make but people live on their phones and it’s a combination of worrying and disgusting. We’re to the point that when most people have to interact in real life, they are still never too far away from having to constantly check what’s going on elsewhere. But to the gentlemen who don’t even look at their phones when they are out with you – I want you to know that you are prized treasures, mini-gods among mere men, and you deserve all the love and affection life can bring.




16. Good dressers

I will never believe the clothes make the man. But I will also never believe that people shouldn’t at least make an effort when it comes to dress. Nobody is saying that you have to be in Sunday’s best all the time. Nobody is saying you must follow fashion trends. But I can honestly say it is an absolute turn off to see an otherwise good-looking guy continuously dress sloppily or like he’s just given up hope on society. There are actual services where you don’t even need to go shopping guys – someone will pick out clothes for you! And yes, a man who knows how to kill it in a suit will forever have many a girl’s heart.

17. Handy guys

Yes, I know this is bordering on old gender stereotypes and everyone is “offended” by this or whatever. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t mind it when a guy asks if I can cook (because I can and I would happily do it for ANYONE who wanted to eat). Society is just going to have to deal with the fact that some of us find guys attractive that are good with tools and heavy lifting and all of that jazz. In my opinion, these kinds of guys are also dying breed which makes them all the more attractive when you find one.

18. Being protective

I know how some people feel about this word, and I understand it can cause a ruckus. But I think many women do still want a guy that makes them feel safe, a guy that “defends their honor.” Like many women, I’ve had the displeasure of being the center of attention by some guys catcalling or heckling at me in a very public and sometimes sexually suggestive way. But I’ve also had the pleasure of a few gentlemen who whether they knew me or not, confronted the guys or made me feel secure by letting me know they’ve got my back if anything goes down. And you know what? It’s always hot.

19. Being respectful

As someone who is generally upfront about not participating in hookup culture, I can tell you first-hand it has sometimes been met with on the one hand, guys whose sole purpose becomes getting the “forbidden fruit.” And on the other hand, guys who will label you a prude and get you to change your mind. And then there are the respectful guys – the ones who actually will respect whatever you wishes are, and will treat you how you want to be treated. These are the good guys, and they are the guys that you always want to keep seeing.

20. Chivalry

Yes, the c word. It was bound to happen. I get that there has been a lot of baggage associated with the word. I get that it sometimes insinuates to guys that women want all of the joys and none of the pains of dating and relationships. But one thing I know is that both people in any relationship have to be gracious and generous. For guys, this includes the good-old fashioned chivalrous acts such as walking a girl home, actually coming to her front door to pick her up rather than texting, “I’m here,” walking on the outside of the sidewalk, opening her door, etc. Notice how many of these things are free? Yes, women can open their own doors and do all of that. But when guys do it, we notice. And it indicates to us that you’re the kind of gentleman who deserves the very best lady we can be.


Here’s some videos showing why older men are more attractive to women:



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