This Woman Never Smiled for 40 Years – Not Even When Her Child Was Born – to Avoid Wrinkles

This Woman Never Smiled for 40 Years – Not Even When Her Child Was Born – to Avoid Wrinkles

Many women use plastic surgery as a way to turn back the hands of time and get rid of wrinkles, but this woman has her own way of preventing the signs of aging. Tess Christian, 50, claims she has not laughed, smiled, or giggled for the past 40 years.

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Tess has made the conscious decision not to laugh or smile so she can maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free face. She did not even allow herself to crack a smile when her daughter was born. The technique seems to have worked for her.
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Explaining her decision, Tess says, “I don’t have wrinkles because I have trained myself to control my facial muscles. Everyone asks if I’ve had Botox, but I haven’t, and I know that it’s thanks to the fact that I haven’t laughed or smiled since I was a teenager. My dedication has paid off, I don’t have a single line on my face.”

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Her unusual beauty regimen has led to critics say she is vain, but that doesn’t bother Tess. She sees her approach as an effective and natural option to Botox and facial creams.

This technique isn’t new. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian also try not to laugh or smile to prevent wrinkles.  Some skin experts also believe the trick might work. Dermatologist Dr. Nick Low says, “It can be an effective anti-ageing technique. Wrinkles happen because of the constant creasing of smile and forehead lines by the muscles in your face, which fold the connective tissue under the skin. If you can train yourself to minimize your facial expressions, you won’t get as many lines.”

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Botox works in a similar fashion, it reduces your muscle activity. It would be difficult to keep up, but refraining from smiling is like a DIY Botox. It is effective as a treatment, but it’s hard to train your muscles not to laugh or smile widely when you hear a joke or find something amusing.


Since she went to a strict Catholic school, where the nuns did not like children to smile, Tess claims it wasn’t hard for her to control her facial muscles.

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As she grew older, Tess found that keeping a serious expression suited her better. Hollywood icon Marlene Dietrich is her inspiration. She never smiled yet always looked glamorous.


Tess has developed a technique of controlling her facial muscles. Only the corners of her mouth move, but she never looks anything more than faintly amused. Her friends have gotten used to her facial expressions, and she has mastered the art of laughing on the inside when she watches comedy films.

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There are psychologists who point out that not smiling can affect a person’s mental health. When you smile, endorphins, or happy hormones, are released and that makes you feel good.

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