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World Press Photo Contest Winners: Look at These Amazing Photos!

Since 1955, the World Press Photo Contest has been recognizing the professional photographers of the best pictures contributing to visual journalism. The photos are judged for their accurate, fair, and visually compelling insights about our world.

This year, to put a spotlight on the stories that matter, World Press introduced 3 new major awards for the 2019 contest. Aside from awarding the Photo of the Year, World Press decided to also award the World Press Photo Story of the Year, the World Press Photo Interactive of the Year, and the World Press Photo Online Video of the Year. Take a look at these winning photos—poignant, truthful, but inspiring.

Beautiful Winning Photos of the World Press Photo Contest 2019

Amsterdam, April 11— the World Press Photo Foundation announced the results of the 62nd annual World Press Photo Contest and the 9th annual World Press Photo Digital Storytelling Contest at its annual Awards Show.

The World Press Photo of the Year honors the photographer whose visual creativity and skills made a picture that captures or represents an event or issue of great journalistic importance in that year. The winners were chosen by an independent jury that reviewed more than 78,801 photographs entered by 4,738 photographers from 129 countries.

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This year’s overall winning image was Crying Girl on the Border, which shows a crying Honduran toddler as she and her mother are taken into custody by US border officials in Texas on June 12, 2018. The photo was taken by American photographer John Moore, a senior staff photographer and special correspondent for Getty Images. John Moore has photographed in 65 countries on 6 continents and was posted internationally for 17 years. Since returning to the US in 2008, he has since focused on immigration and border issues.

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After this picture was published worldwide, US Customs and Border Protection confirmed that Yanela had not been among the thousands who had been separated by US officials from their parents. Nevertheless, public outcry over the controversial practice resulted in Pres. Donald Trump reversing his Zero Tolerance policy on June 20.

“Ideally a World Press Photo of the Year would be surprising, unique, relevant, memorable,” said Whitney C. Johnson, vice president of Visuals and Immersive Experiences at National Geographic and the jury chairman of the 2019 Photo Contest. She invites observers to note “the details in the picture: from the gloves that the border patrol officer is wearing to the fact that the shoelaces have been removed.”

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Alice Martins, photojournalist and jury member, also adds, “It immediately tells you so much about the story. And at the same time, it really makes you feel so connected to it . . . This picture shows a different kind of violence that is psychological.”

The winning photos of the World Press Photo Contest 2019 were shown in exhibitions around the world, from 13 April to 7 July 2019.

To view the winners of the Photo Story of the Year, Photo Interactive of the Year, and Online Video of the Year, click here.

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