Couple Starts Weight Loss Regimen to Conceive a Healthy Baby

Couple Starts Weight Loss Regimen to Conceive a Healthy Baby

A young Chinese couple with obesity problems decided to take matters into their own hands after their obesity reached dangerous levels and began to affect their relationship. Recently married Lin Yue and his wife, Deng Yang, have yet to consummate their marriage due to their health crisis, literally shutting down their chances of having children.

Chinese Couple Starts Weight Loss to Conceive a Baby

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couple starts weight loss

Determined to change their lives before it was too late, the couple traveled approximately 1,700 miles from their home in Sichuan to undergo intensive weight-loss treatment at a hospital in Changchun, Jilin. They had planned to lose the excess weight to be able to finally consummate their marriage and increase their chances of having children. Their combined weight was a staggering 870 pounds, more or less, which is way beyond what is considered normal.

couple starts weight loss

It’s already widely known that obesity can lead to several serious health issues, such as heart attack, stroke, and even multiple organ failure. Lin and Deng’s case is especially alarming as they are not yet even 30 years old.

Their obesity has affected their lives in that they have been subjected to all sorts of criticisms and mocking from the people around them. When shopping for clothes, they choose to do it online so as to avoid people’s judgment, and they always have the clothes customized to fit their size.


The biggest problem that they face, however, is their inability to be fully physically intimate like other married couples, which also affects their ability to conceive a baby. Deng’s weight also comes into question as it directly affects her ability to carry a baby to full-term in her womb and to give birth to it.

couple starts weight loss

Lin stands at 5’4″ but has a waistline that is considered three times the average at 63 inches. Deng is a bit shorter than her husband, standing at 5’3″ and has a waistline of 67 inches. Individually, they weighed 450 pounds and 426 pounds, respectively.


After seeking professional help, Lin and Deng were advised to start a permanent diet and exercise regimen.


However, they have chosen to remain anonymous as to the duration of their weight loss journey. They did not comment also on the possibility of them going under the knife to help with their weight loss.


Although Lin and Deng’s story is an incredible one, it is also not unique as it was not the first time that a spotlight had been shone on the subject matter of obesity in China. In November 2015, for instance, it was reported that a certain Chinese person by the name of Qian Qian had undergone gastric bypass surgery in order to lose 100 pounds.

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