The World’s Richest Celebrities Who Drive the Cheapest Cars

The World’s Richest Celebrities Who Drive the Cheapest Cars

From tech moguls to basketball players, all of these individuals have one thing in common: their paycheck. And with paycheck comes the extravagant lifestyle. Yet contrary to what most people believe, some of these high net worth individuals are not keen on spending their money on random things and hobbies.

Instead, some of them would prefer leaving a simpler lifestyle than what their paychecks would give. They maybe worth a billion dollars but these top ten celebrities have shown that a big paycheck does not mean you have to live the high life like the rest of them does.

Here are just a few celebrities who prefer cruising around town in these simple yet fully functional vehicles.

1. Mark Zuckerberg – Acura TSX


Mark Zuckerberg is name that we are all familiar with so it would not come as a surprise that his paycheck is more than capable of purchasing cars like a Ferrari or an Aston Martin. This is not the case. Instead, he chose to drive a modest Acura TSX to get his way around. The car only cost Zuckerberg $30,000 from his hefty paycheck.

2. Ron Artest – Hyundai Genesis


Basketball player Ron Artest is best known for his contribution to the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks. One surprising thing about this basketball player is that he drives a $35,000 sedan that was given to him by comedian George Lopez.


3. Steve Ballmer – Ford Fusion Hybrid


Aside from being an ex CEO of Microsoft and the current ovwner of NBA’s LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer drives a Ford Fusion Hybrid that costs less than $40,000.

4. Ingvar Kamprad – Volvo 240


Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad maybe worth a billion dollars but he opts to go around in his Volvo 240. Even more surprising is the fact that he sometimes takes the bus to get anywhere.

5. Jennifer Lawrence – Volkswagen Eos


Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence does not mind driving around in her humble Volkswagen Eos.


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