World’s Smallest Domestic Cat Breeds

World’s Smallest Domestic Cat Breeds

Kittens in their tiny state are the most adorable. But when they grow bigger, they could sometimes be nasty and pesky. But what if a cat doesn’t get big and heavy enough to cause us lot of trouble? Lovely, don’t you think?

Check out these top five smallest cat breeds!


1. Singapura

Singapura is one tiny cat that was believed to originate in Singapore. However, investigations prove that it was of US origin but was exported to Singapore and imported back to the United States as a Singapore breed. Known for their small bodies with large ears and eyes and a low-maintenance short coat, Singapuras are very playful and friendly and love to climb up high places.


2. Munchkin

The unique feature of these felines is as cool as their breed name Munchkin—their very short legs. Their legs are so short that they are leveled down to the ground because of their shortness. The munchkin is a new breed that only emerged in the United States around 1980. Fifteen years later, it was recognized as an official breed in 1995. Muchkins love to play, run, and jump. They are also smart, with an above-high feline intelligence.


3. Cornish Rex






Almost like a tiny fur ball, this small cat with unusually soft and furry coat are identified by their Siamese-like face. Cornish Rexes love talking to their owners. If you have this cat, expect to be entertained all the time.


4. Devon Rex

Bred in the United Kingdom, Devon Rex have a curly fur and unusually big ears and eyes that look huge enough for its small head. Although a small breed, it is very intelligent that dog tricks aren’t a match to what these playful and smart feline could do!


5. American Curl

American curls differ in size but are typically small. Their unique curling ears and tiny size give them that irresistible cuteness. They’re definitely attention-grabbers. They love to play and can be good chums with children as wells as adults. Just make sure you keep their ears clean to keep them healthy.



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