You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover …Why These Guys Are So Deadly!

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover …Why These Guys Are So Deadly!

Wild animals should be respected. They may look cute, but remember, they are not your pets, and they may not be used to having a human so close to them. Respect wildlife and give them space when you are entering their territory.

Leopard Seal


This leopard seal may look innocent, but they can be ultra aggressive and give a vicious bite.



Swans are graceful and pretty, but they are extremely protective of their young, and they will attack you if they feel you are a threat.

Blue Dragon


This sea slug with a brilliant blue color can grow to a length of 1.2 inches. Still, it can sting you and cause extreme pain.

Slow Loris

Don’t be fooled by those big, round eyes. They have a dangerous toxin in a gland near their elbows that they lick. One bite is so dangerous it can cause anaphylactic shock.



He may look cute while sleeping, but this is one powerful beast you shouldn’t try to get too close to.





Chimpanzees and other apes may look cute and almost human, but be careful, these are powerful creatures.

Giant Anteater


They may not appear very threatening, but give them space as their claws are razor sharp.

Cape Buffalo


This animal is known to be aggressive like hippos. It is considered one of the most dangerous large animals.

Poison Dart Frog

His bright yellow skin may attract you, but be sure you don’t touch because its skin is incredibly toxic and can cause heart failure.



This smiling fish is the second-most poisonous vertebrate in the world.






This bear looks relaxed holding his toes, but he can kill in one swipe of the paw. Grizzlies and polar bears are the most dangerous in the world. They weigh hundreds of pounds, so if provoked, they can go from cuddly to vicious in seconds.

An Elephant


Elephants are smart creatures, and should not be locked up. They hold grudges and are sensitive creatures. They generally have a good disposition, but if they are mistreated, they will go on a rampage.

The Gila Monster


It’s the only venomous lizard native in the U.S., but it’s slow nature makes it a relatively low threat to humans, so just stay away.


A male platypus has venomous daggers that stick out of their back legs.



They look cute while napping, don’t they? Don’t mess with those babies, though, because their mother is going to come after you.




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