These 10 Bunk Beds are far From Being Boring

These 10 Bunk Beds are far From Being Boring

Do you find your bunk bed dull or boring? These ten unusual but awesome bunk beds will really amaze you. You’ll definitely feel like a little kid again after seeing them. Get ready to jump in amazement with these soft and cool creations!

Doc Couch

Now we’ve all seen chairs that can easily be converted to single beds and  convertible sofas that transform into a double bed. But have you ever seen a couch that turns into bunk beds? You’ll finally see one with the space-saving Doc couch from Resource Furniture. It has an integrated ladder, and the cover is fully removable for easy cleaning.

Boxed-In Bed for Children

In children’s bedrooms, bunk beds can be a great space-saver. This futuristic boxed-in design provides each child an element of privacy. There will no longer be arguments about who turns the light off at bedtime as well because this bed gives them their own reading light. The simple green and white color scheme is easily adaptable as the children grow older, and it  keeps their room look fresh.

Tumidei’s Bed Creation for Teens

Tumidei designed these cool teenager’s bedroom and bunk beds.


Light-Filled Bunk Bed

For Nainesh Jain Designs interiors, a little light (and sometimes a lot of light), clean and harmonious lines, no clutter, and a little bit of creativity do the magic. Trinkets, dramatic light, and colors tell you the story of a child residing on this round bed. It’s not just one child but two who live here. Do you see the deck/bunk bed above?

Letter Ladder Bunk Bed

The lettering on this custom bunk bed doubles as a ladder. Isn’t this the coolest bunk bed ever?

Surf Up to Sleep

Surf’s up! Your child will love this Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed as they shimmy up the ladder or zoom down the slide. This tropical tree house theme bed features real bamboo, thatching, and palm tree–inspired leaves to create the ultimate island experience. The bad news? It costs $ 16,000. The good news? Free shipping.


Toy and Bed in One

Created by designer Marc Newson for the Italian furniture company Magis, these bunk beds are simply four pieces of molded polyethylene with easy-to-wipe, smooth surfaces. Reminiscent of the plastic toys we all grew up with, the color and texture at human scale smash our Lilliputian fantasies, giving us a cozy place to rest and hide, this time at the scale of G.I. Joe figurines. This ain’t no bed. It’s a toy. Or a bed . . . and a toy.

Wave 2

Called “Wave 2,” this bunk bed features a unique design shaped like a work of architecture. Just climbing up to the top bed is a real treat for kids. Wave 2 comes from Mimondo.

Tom and Leah Crowley spent two years planning how to turn their vision of a family-friendly compound outside Indianapolis into a reality. They made it come true with the help of landscape architect Alec Michaelides, interior designer Suzanne Kasler, and William T. Baker, an Atlanta-based design team architectural designer.

To provide them with reading lights above each bed, the built-ins were then wired. The bunk room is the hub of activity for sleepovers with friends and cousins, and all of the Crowley youngsters use the bunk as a play space.

Yin Yang Bunk Bed

Alessio Pappa, an Italian designer, designed an innovative Yin Yang bunk bed.


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