You Can Now Have Marijuana Delivered to Your House Via Drone

You Can Now Have Marijuana Delivered to Your House Via Drone


There are many people in California, especially the Bay Area, that get their medical marijuana prescriptions delivered. Soon, they will not have to deal with a live person.

Trees Delivery, based in San Francisco, would like to use drones to handle their deliveries. You can count on drones to always be on time for deliveries.


Cannibis drone delivery



Using drones is not new and was previously popularized by Amazon. And, marijuana seems like a good thing to have delivered by a drone.

It is extremely lightweight with an ounce being more than enough for a week’s worth of medicinal use. This makes it a good item for drones to deliver.

The Bud Box

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There’s a selection of the finest cannabis buds that include Sour Diesel, Blue Jack and Jedi Kush.

There is a cause for concern though, as people may start knocking down these drones to steal the drugs. People rob drug dealers all the time and having drones flying around with weed may be tempting to some.

As of right now, the Trees Delivery drone system is still in the planning stages. There are still many restrictions on flying drones for commercial use.

The idea was inspired by Cartoon Network, an illegal weed delivery service in New York City. They modified it by the addition of technology.

Right now, Trees Delivery only service San Francisco. They are planning to expand to other weed-friendly cities like Los Angeles and Denver.

Trees Delivery currently offers different types of cannabis, which people with prescription can buy through text messaging, their app, or their web site. Price range is between $99 and $149.

Check out the video below:

Check out also the bonus video about Colorado’s farm-to-table marijuana here:

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