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10 Wild Animals That are Domesticated as Pets


Some animal lovers are not just contented with dogs and cats as their pets. Recently, a trend has been started to acquire once-wild animals and turn them into house pets.

Such exotic animals are so cute that some decided that they want one of those.

Here are ten of the faunas that are known to roam wild and free, and are now considered as domesticated pets:



How cute are these things?

Well, thanks to Soviet geneticists who research on the domestication of foxes through breeding, you can now bring one to your homes. However, they cost $8,000, and you have to be approved first by the institute’s importer to acquire one.



These adorable large rodents have recently been domesticated so they bite when they feel threatened. Although, they are considered to be affectionate creatures.



Owners must know that these marsupials need large spaces to roam around and hide. They also possess some strange behaviors such as food regurgitation. But overall, wallabies are relatively well-behaved.



This Mexican-native salamander are meant for observation, and not play, for they have delicate skin. Instead, they prefer to reside in a cool tank with gravel bottom.

Axolotls can also live up to 10 to 15 years, if well-treated. Also, they have quick regenerative abilities that allow them to heal rapidly and regrow limbs.

Look at that! How can you say no to a smiling face like that?



Skunks are popular for their stink that they emit when they feel danger. However, people do not seem to mind this, and they even took care of some as their pets. But before you get one of these, make sure that your state does not prohibit skunks to be domesticated as only 17 states allows this.

Serval Cats


While these cats may seem cute, they are also deadly, even if domesticated. They would jump, climb, and hunt around, as if they are in the wilds.

Experts say that, unless you have proper training, with these kind of animals, they advise to refrain from getting one.

Fennec Foxes


Take a look at other wild animals who have made quite a place in their owner’s very own backyard.



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