Beat the Weather with the Coolest Stormchaser Vehicles on the Market

Beat the Weather with the Coolest Storm Chaser Vehicles in the World

If you are the type of person who enjoys a bit of adventure in your day job then storm chasing is a definite must try for you.

Storm chasing is the broad definition of a relentless pursuit of any severe weather condition which stems from a variety of purposes which can include adventure, scientific investigation and news coverage. People who are in this profession are called storm chasers.


The history of storm chasing can be traced back to an individual named David Hoadley who was recognized as the first ever storm chaser and the founder of Storm Track magazine. Storm chasers come from a variety of occupational backgrounds and is not only limited to the meteorological field of study. Some storm chasers are students, engineers, pilots and even medical doctors.

Due to its increasing popularity, the technology for ‘storm chasing,’ has dramatically evolved. One of its most common yet effective equipment in carrying out storm chasing duties is the storm chaser vehicles.


If you are planning to pursue storm chasing, it is best that you equip yourself with these top awesome storm chasing vehicles that will keep you safe while tailing after Mother Nature’s fury.

The Dominator


The SRV (Storm Research Vehicle) Dominator was used by professional storm chaser Reed Timmer. This particular ride had been featured in several seasons of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chaser’s TV series. It was created on a Ford Super Duty pickup which features hydraulic anchoring spikes, Lexan windows and gull wing doors.



This storm chaser vehicle is the creation of storm chaser Steve Green. The TA-1 is reputed to be equipped the storm chaser’s worst case scenarios in mind. Because of this, Green became the first person to intentionally drive into a tornado and lived to tell the tale.

TIV-2 Tornado Intercept Vehicle


This storm chasing vehicle was made from a Dodge Ram 3500 pickup that was eventually fashioned with stock body made of steel, aluminum and Kevlar armor plating. It is also rigged with body mounts complete with hydraulics.

The TIV-2 can park on the path of an oncoming twister because its lower body is equipped with 14,000 lb of body flush pavement.

Hailproof Vehicle


Hail is one of the products of an oncoming storm. This particular hail proof creation is the brainchild of storm chaser Mike Ratcliff.  Its exoskeleton is made up of 6 steel mesh screens that are controlled by linear actuators. Its finishing touch is a bullet liner, a protective substance that is used ti seal pick up truck cargo beds.



Dorothy is the creation of Dan Auel. The 9,000 pound storm chasing vehicle, according to creator Dan Auel , “Can take baseball sized hail all day without any damage.”

He explains that, “Our passion is in the weather and also I went to school for automotive collision technology, so we’ve kind of put those passions together. This is what we came up with – this beast I guess.”

Storm Chaser 01


Want a monster truck for a storm chaser vehicle? Check out this yellow storm chaser vehicle from Deviantart user russel2512. Although this storm chaser vehicle has yet to be created, one cannot help but wait in anticipation at what this can do once it is in action.

The Titus


This specific storm chasing vehicle was, believe it or not, created by Warner Bros. studio who collaborated with Detroit Custom Creations. The Titus was based on a modified Dodge pickup chassis and is equipped with bulletproof Lexan windows, a 4mm sold steel armor plating and a 12 ton winch which anchors this baby from updrafts and vortexes.

Doppler on Wheels


If having your own storm chasing vehicle was not costly, then it’s important tools or add ons like a Doppler weather radar rig will make it even more expensive.  This DOW allows storm chasers to map out supercells from inside and out.

It pin points most areas where a storm is most likely to form. If the team affords it, the DOW can act both as in field command and control center in the field.

Classic Jeepney

When it comes to storm chasing, going back to basic is one important element you need to consider. This is essentially true for those who want to try out storm chasing as a profession. The electric blue storm chaser vehicle above is a combination of an Army Jeep and a bank armored car.

Not only is this low cost but this also provides high ROI results for storm chasers.

Get a closer look on professional storm chasers doing their job.



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