129 Unique Throw Pillows Perfect For Spicing Up Your Home

129 Unique Throw Pillows Perfect For Spicing Up Your Home

throw pillows are used for the purpose of supporting the head or other parts of the body while sleeping, making sure that you rest comfortably and that the muscles on your body are secured from any pain. It also keeps your posture in alignment.

Most people choose to have white pillows as they look more cozy and clean. But if you want something to enliven and bring color to your bedroom, here is a wide array of pillows that you can choose from.

Make sure to have these pillows to brighten up your home and bedrooms.

1.  Golf throw pillows

Funny Golf Throw Pillow

2.  Watercolor Pillow

Fine Art Paint Color Box & Funny Artist Brush Pillows throw pillows

3.  “Let’s Taco ’bout it” Pillow

Let Taco 'bout it Funny Taco Slogan Throw Pillow




4.  To-Do List Pillow

Funny To Do List Pillow throw pillows



5.  “They See Me Rollin'” T-Rex Pillows

"They See Me Rollin'" Funny T-Rex Throw Pillows




6.  Kawaii Happy Cheese Throw Pillow

Cute Kawaii Happy Cheese Throw Pillow



7.  “Not Funny” Pillow

Not Funny Pillow throw pillows

8.  Giraffeologist Throw Pillow

Funny Giraffe Throw Pillow

9.  Pink Bling Mustache Pillow

Funny Pink Bling Mustache And Black Polka Dots Pillows throw pillows

10.  Badass Penguin with Mustache Throw Pillow

Cute Black White Penguin And Funny Mustache Throw Pillow




11.  “You talkin’ to me?” Throw Pillow

Funny Attitude Chicken Throw Pillows

12.  Grumpy Cat Pillow

Grumpy Cat Brown Pillow throw pillows

13.  Retired Teacher’s Chalk Board Pillow

Funny Retired Teacher's Chalk Board Design Pillow throw pillows

14. Floppy Disk Pillow

Floppy Disk Pillow - black, silver and red throw pillows

15.  Funny Quote Throw Pillow

Funny Quote Throw Pillow




16.  “What Happens on the Boat Stays on the Boat” Pillow

What happens on the boat stays on the boat - funny pillows throw pillows

17.  Gardening Business Pillow

Gardening Business Customizables Funny gardener Pillow throw pillows

18.  Squatchologist Pillow

Funny Sasquatch, Bigfoot Pillow throw pillows

19.  Kawaii PB&J American Mojo Throw Pillow

Kawaii PB&J American Mojo Throw Pillow

20.  Paisley Giraffe Pillows

Funky Cool Paisley Giraffe Funny Yellow Pillows throw pillows




21.  T-Rex Bride and Groom Wedding Pillow

Funny T-rex Dinosaurs Bride and Groom Wedding Art Pillow

22.  Boombox Cassette Player Pillow

Retro Boombox Cassette Player Funny pillow throw pillows

23.  Vintage “Get Off My Pillow” Pillow

Vintage Girl with Gun Get Off Funny Pillows

24.  Panda Bear Beach Bum Pillow

Funny Panda Bear Beach Bum Cool Sunglasses Surfing Pillows throw pillows

25.  “Cheer Up Wine a Little” Throw Pillow

Funny Cheer Up Wine a Little Red Wine Bottle Throw Pillows




26.  Cookieologist Throw PillowFunny Cookie Lover Throw Pillows

27.  “Pug Life” Pillow

Pug Life Funny Dog Gangster Pillow throw pillows

28.  Purple Giraffe Pillows

Funny Purple Giraffe Pillows throw pillows

29.  “Work Sucks I’m Going Squatchin” Pillow

Funny Work Sucks Im Going Hunting Squatchin H Accent Pillow throw pillows

30.  Ancient Anesthesiologist Humor Pillow

Funny Anesthesiologist Humor Pillow Gift throw pillows




31.  Pink Elephant Throw Pillow

Funny Pink Chevron Silly Elephant Throw Pillows

32.  Funny Chicks and Egg Pillow

s throw pillows

33.  Color Splash Pillow

FUNNY COLOR SPLASH I + your ideas Accent Pillow throw pillows

34.  “I’m So Freaking Tired” Throw Pillow

I’m So Freaking Tired Funny Humor Throw Pillows throw pillows

35.  OCD Pillow

Funny Cardinal Pillows throw pillows




36.  Turtle Bride and Groom Wedding Throw Pillow

Funny Turtle Bride and Groom Wedding Art Throw Pillows throw pillows

37.  “Chocolate: My Drug of Choice” Throw Pillow

Funny Chocolate My Drug Of Choice Throw Pillow

38.  “Look Pretty Play Dirty” Pink Pillow

Look Pretty Funny Slogan Blush Pink Pillows throw pillows

39.  Super Pug Pillow

Super Pug Pillow throw pillows

40.  Funny Cute Kitten Cat Sketch Monocle and Top Hat Throw Pillow

Funny Cute Kitten Cat Sketch Monocle and Top Hat Throw Pillow




41.  Caricature 60s Thriller Character Pillow

Funny Caricature Thriller Movies 60's Pillow throw pillows

42.  Giraffe Bride and Groom Wedding Throw Pillow

Funny Giraffe Bride and Groom Wedding Art Throw Pillow

43.  Mustache and Polka Dots Pillow

Monogram Neon Funny Mustache Polka Dots Pattern Pillow throw pillows

44.  Alphabet Throw Pillow

Funny Fellows™ Cartoon Character Alphabet Letter D Throw Pillows throw pillows

45.  ADD Pillow

Funny Dinosaur Pillows




46.  “I Use This Pillow Periodically” Pillow

I Use This Pillow Periodically throw pillows throw pillows

47.  Mustache and Sunglasses Pillow

Funny mustache and sunglasses face mint green pillows throw pillows throw pillows

48.  “You Know You Wanna Sleep” Throw Pillow

You Know You Wanna Sleep Funny Humor Throw Pillows

49.  “Life Is Peachy” Throw Pillow

Funny Life Is Peachy Girly Peach And White Desig Throw Pillow

50.  “Forever BFFs” Throw Pillow

Cartoon Best Friend BFF's Throw Pillows




51.  Retired Pharmacist “Official Nap Pillow” Pillow

Retired Pharmacist "Official Nap Pillow" Pillows throw pillows

52.  Flamingo “Retirement Home” Throw Pillow

Funny Flamingo Retirement Home Throw Pillows throw pillows

53.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Round Pillow

Chocolate Chip Cookie Round Pillow throw pillows

54.  White Pomeranian Round Pillow

throw pillows

55.  “Reserved for the Dog” Pillow

throw pillows




56.  Yes Pillow

Yes No Bedroom Pillow throw pillows

57.  Penguin Riding Bicycle throw pillows

Funny Penguin Riding Red Bicycle Pillows

58.  “Life Is Short & So Am I” throw pillows

Life is Short & So Am I Funny Quote Reversible Pillow

59.  Collage Throw Pillow

Create your own a unique and original instagram throw pillows

60.  Live Laugh Poop throw pillows

Live laugh poop funny pillow




61.  Dog Best Friend Throw Pillow

Awesome adorable funny trendy boxer puppy dog throw pillows

62.  Cycling Dog with Squirrel throw pillows

Cycling Dog with Squirrel Friend - Fun Animal Art Pillows

63.  “Just Because I’m Awake . . .” throw pillows

Just Because I'm Awake - Funny Sayings Pillows

64.  Husband, Wife, and Dog Throw Pillow

65.  Email throw pillows




66.  “Let’s Get Naked” Throw Pillows

67.  “I Didn’t Do It” throw pillows

68.  Indecisive Pillows

69.  Rock Pillows

70.  Customized Head Pillows




71.  Bird Pillow

72.  Welcome Pillow

73.  PB&J Throw Pillows

74.  Division Pillow

75.  Pig Pillow




76.  “Sign In Here” Pillow

77.  Legs Pillow

78.  Boobs Pillow

79.  Sock Frog Pillow

80.  Breasts Pillow




81.  “We Will Always Be Best Friends” Throw Pillow

82.  Customized Throw Pillows

83.  Husband and Wife’s Throw Pillows

84.  Cracker Throw Pillow

85.  Thinking Pillow




86.  Hand-Under-the-Pillow Pillow

87.  Arm Pillow

88.  Sloth Pillow

89.  Snug Pillow

90.  Traveling Pillow




91.  Chicken Pillow

92.  Creepy Guy Pillow

93.  Sock Mustache Pillow

94.  Tetris Pillow

95.  Funny Quote Pillow




96.  Medicine Pillow

97.  “I’m Not Lazy” Pillow

98.  Throw Pillow for Pillow Fights

99.  Kawaii Bunny Throw Pillow

100.  App Pillow




101.  Crunch Pillow

102.  Facebook Pillow

103.  Sushi Roll Pillow

104.  Weird Blushing Pillow

105.  Snail Pillows




106.  Customized Throw Pillows

107.  Poop Pillow

108.  Eyelashes Pillow

109.  Condiment Throw Pillows

110.  Black Hole Throw Pillow




111.  The Beetles Pillow

112.  Programmer’s Pillow

113.  Bespoke Throw Pillow

114.  “Today Has Been Cancelled” Pillow

115.  Couples Throw Pillows




116.  Naughty Pillows

117.  Mustard Pillow

118.  “Let’s Make Out” Throw Pillow

119.  Money Pillow

120.  M&M’s Pillow




121.  Horns Pillow

122.  Facebook Pillow

123.  Elephant Pillow

124.  “We Had Sex on This Bed” Throw Pillow

125.  Crab Pillow




126.  Loading Pillow

127.  Narcissistic Pillow

128.  Keep Calm Pillow

129.  OMG Throw Pillow


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