19 Dream Careers That Will Make You Quit Your Ordinary Job Today

19 Dream Careers That Will Make You Quit Your Ordinary Job Today

Even if you have a great manager, a reasonable schedule, you can still be bored in your job. Yet some lucky individuals have dream jobs that you would trade anything for. These people spend an entire shift at work only to taste ice cream, drive luxury vehicles, and even babysit private islands.

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Check out these awesome jobs that you wouldn’t think are real. It’s time to change your dream job.

Car Test Driver

How would you like to test drive a new BMW? BMW test driver is listed as the dream jobs for its readers by RetirementJobs.com. Any car lover would jump in for a chance to race around a brand new BMW or other luxury car. The test driver will have to drive the car in the city, in suburbia, and on the highway.

Luxury Bed Tester

Being a sleep study subject is a dream job for many, but being attached to machines is hardly relaxing. A better alternative would be a luxury bed tester. This job entails a person to try out luxury beds for a month. The college person was paid $1,600 for it.


Condom Tester

This job is sadly open only to Australians. The gig pays not in money but in a pack of free condoms, but participants will be included in a draw for a $1,000 bonus prize.

Video Game Tester

You probably spend several¬†hours playing computer¬†games, or if not, you may know someone who does. You and that person may want to visit Indeed Web site. The site lists job searches for “video game tester.” The salary range for this gig and some similar positions are listed at $100,000 and up.

Water Slide Tester

An ultimate career for adults who forget to grow up. This job is officially called “cool pool tester” at Choice Holidays resorts. The resort pays employee to test pool standards including speed and landing.

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