13 Insanely Beautiful Backyards That Will Make You Green with Envy

13 Insanely Beautiful Backyards That Will Make You Green with Envy

CEOs, magnates, celebrities and scions of successful business owners have one thing in common, they own lavish homes. These lavishly homed individuals can and would spare nothing to have the best of the best. The larger their estate, the more successful they are. Essentially, their homes is a status symbol, it is one of their proof how rich and successful they are.

The list below do not highlight the main houses of these opulent individuals but their million dollars backyards. These backyards will make you green with envy.

Fairview Road Residence


This residence on Fairview Road had an old arbor backyard. It was converted into a kitchen by the poolside. the outdoor kitchen is built with grill, sink and a giant flat screen TV. The owners would have no doubt in easily entertaining their guests in their lavish backyard.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California


William Randolph Hearst built himself a castle in San Simeon, California. The publishing magnate decorated his castle grounds with structures that only someone as rich as him can afford. He imported a Roman temple from Europe and placed it nearby the Neptune pool. The pool also a waterfall, yes, a freaking waterfall! If isn’t opulent enough, beautiful marble structures surrounds the yard.

Mediterranean Home, Greenwich, Connecticut


A $10 millionMediterranean-style home is built in a five acres lot in Greenwich, Connecticut. This mansion is nestled in the lush greenery features both an indoor and outdoor pool. For it’s backyard, it has a private pond complete with swans near a lake. It has a little tree house overlooking the lake and basketball/tennis court too.

Tudor Home, Westbury, New York


A Tudor-style home dots a 115 acres of land in Westbury, New York. This private home has myriad of gardens as its yard. With thousands of trees, shrubs, and flowers, this residence is certainly grand. The highlight of the property’s expansive yard is the medieval-looking bridge that spans the pond in the property’s nine-hole golf course.

Sandcastle, Bridgehampton, New York


Business Joe Farrel owns the Sandcastle estate in Bridgehampton, New York. The $43.5 million home has an outdoor kictchen and roofed verandas for its backyard. Amenities also includes a fire pit, a massive swimming pool, a relaxing spa, a tennis court, a recreation pavilion, guest house, pool house, and a baseball field all built in the 12 acres property.

Backyard with a movie screen in the gazebo


Landscaped by Cedar Springs Landscape Group, a tropical-themed pation was built in the backyard of a mansion. The extraordinary cabana is surrounded by lush green trees. Built as a recreation room, it has a movie screen, plush couches and a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Normandy-style Home, Sands Point, New York


In Sands Point, New York, a colossal property with an eclectic mix of Italy, the jungles of Louisiana and the beaches of the pacific is found. The Normandy-styled home is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Its backyard is designed with stone archways, iron gates, granite statues and gardens. Visitors can find an English knot garden, and an Alpine style garden with gazebo and a bird sanctuary.

Backyard with tropical pool


This home makes the owners feel like they are living in a five-star-rated resort. With a backyard pool that can rival pools of the best resorts in the world. The tropical backyard pool is surrounded by plam trees, rocks, a hot tube, and a beautiful cabana. This residence is perfect for a “staycation.”

Celine Dion’s Home, Jupiter Island, Florida


Jupiter Island is famous for housing lavish mansions of the richest of the rich. Celine Dion’s mansion on the island is no different. Ms. Dion’s backyard has its water park. With two large slides, two pools and a river bridge built across it. As if it wasn’t enough, a sports court and a tree house is also built in the yard.

Backyard with floating steps


This is a yard of another gorgeous home. Its backyard features a floating steps leading to a pond. The steps are magnificently installed looking like they are floating in the pond. A gazebo awaits those who dared crossed the floating steps.



Sonoran Desert Home, Scottsdale, Arizona


A 16-acre property in the Sonoran desert boasts of a backyard with a zip line and a mini-train. A beautiful infinity pool also adorn this mansion’s yard. With waterfalls, slides and even a hot tub that can accommodate ten people, living in the desert never sounds more comfortable.

Tiger Woods’ Home, Jupiter Island, Florida


Another celebrity who owns a home in Jupiter Island is Tiger Woods. The Champion golfer’s home boasts of its own 4-green golf course. Mr. Woods also has a 60-foot diving pool, a spa, a tennis and basketball courts installed in his home.

Villa Mille Rose, Sonoma, California


The Villa Mille Rose in Sonoma has a backyard adorned with vineyards, a beautiful garden, a fruit orchard and acres of olive trees. The massive Tuscan style house is surrounded by the backdrop of the slopping hills of Napa Valley. The home gives the feeling of being in Italy instead of in the United States.




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