45 Ridiculous Fortune Cookies Fails

45 Ridiculous Fortune Cookies Fails


When you are out in a Chinese restaurant, you couldn’t wait to open your fortune cookie. Some of them have pretty good advice, but some are just plain ridiculous to make any sense.

Here are some fortune that defies the philosophy which will make you question their principles.

1.  Should I pick another fortune cookie?

2.  Actions speak louder than what?

 3.  So what do I do?

4.  Indeed, waiters takes life too seriously.

5.  I thought it’s the other way around?

6.  Well, they are not incorrect.

7.  Time to party!

8.  Oh, the irony!

9.  What previous cookie?

10.  Is that really how Confucius told that?



11.  Never gonna give you up. . .

12.  Maybe, it would be better to shut up.

13.  WHY?

14.  Now, I’m confused.

15.  You don’t say?

16.  You’re right. I’m too slow.

17.  Never been really trapped in a well.

18.  I guess that is the answer to everything.

19.  Okay, I will. Good advice.

20.  Flying is not that simple




21.  I think someone is stalking me.

22.  What time is it?

23.  I wish so, too.

24.  I think you really don’t know how a clock works.

25.  Interested in what?

26.  I think the most accurate term is ‘Body exploration’.

27.  I guess, I should prepare for an alien invasion.

28.  I trusted my tongue so easily.

29.  Cool! I will be a rebound.

30.  Really? Is it for free?



31.  Are you calling me fat?

32.  Can someone tell me how can I make circles with mints?

33.  The truth has been said.

34.  Well, I guess I should stop making bugs.

35.  What a harsh fortune.

36.  Good advice, but what if I’m alone?

37.  I think space is not a problem here.

38.  Nice motivational fortune cookie.

39.  I’m pretty good to myself apparently.

40.  How can I indulge myself with moderation?



41.  Just calm yourself down!

42.  See the light of day, even once in a while.

43.  Every exit is an entrance. . . 

44.  Improve your exercise.

45.  Why would you ask me?


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