15 Impressive Contemporary Staircase Designs

15 Impressive Contemporary Staircase Designs

Staircases nowadays are going beyond their usual function of connecting one level of a structure to the next. They don’t only make striking statements, they also offer some other additional use. Check out some of these modern staircases below:

1. A Floating Staircase in an All-Black Room


2. Gleaming Spiral Stairs in a Modular Library


3. Amphi-Staircase


4. Partially Suspended Staircase


5. Nature-Inspired Staircase


6. Spiral Staircase that leads to a Glass Bridge Across Pool


7. Wood Wave Staircase


8. Dynamic Timber Staircase



9. Coiling Wooden Staircase


10. Cubist Staircase



11. Dramatic Orange Zig-Zag Stairs




12. Concrete Spiral Staircase


13. Stairs Supported by a Concrete Leg


14. Half-Scale Spiral Staircase


15. Staircase with Upside-Down Passages


Staircases are really essential elements of a structure’s design. Regardless of its shape and design, they are always considered an eye-catching feature. And with the staircases above, it’s safe to say that they are indeed setting the tone of many houses. And obviously, their contemporary designs are up for the challenge.


Check out related videos below:


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