Over 20 Brilliant DIY Plastic Bottle Recycling Projects

Over 20 Brilliant DIY Plastic Bottle Recycling Projects

People are now more into helping save the environment. Because of this, many have gone into recycling every piece of material that can still be salvaged and made use of. One of the most popular materials that are now being used in recycling projects is the plastic bottle.

There are now many helpful and easy-to-do ideas online that you can follow in re-inventing and re-using your empty plastic bottles. You can make them into baskets that can hold your bric-a-bracs, into plant pots, or even flower vases. You can even make them into candle or night light holders.

The great thing about recycling these empty plastic bottles is that you do not need any special tools. You can just use what you already have available in your home. So, below are just some of the most brilliant ideas you can copy in making use of your plastic bottles:

1. Handwoven Plastic Garbage Bins

2. Knick-Knack Holders

3. Floral Decorations

4. Plant Pots

5. Plastic Bag Sealers




6. Christmas Tree Decorations

7. Home Decors

8. Ottoman or Footstool Stuffing

9. Plastic Broom

10. Colorful Lantern




11. Gift Holders

12. Fancy Candle Holders

13. Bird Feeder

14. Night Light Holder

15. Multi-Purpose Basket

16. Birdhouse




17. Veggie Pots

18. Cute Dollhouses

19. Butterfly Decor

20. Multi-purpose Holder

21. Cellphone Holder While It’s Charging

22. Elegant Flower Vase




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