15 Waterfall Pool Designs You Can Follow for Your Homes

15 Waterfall Pool Designs You Can Follow for Your Homes

Not only do pools add a relaxing ambiance to your home, they also form a great source of fun and recreati0n for you and your family. And with that being said, pools are now given high importance by many homeowners.

Despite all the perks the pools have to offer, it isn’t easy to create one, especially that construction entails a significantly huge amount. Because its function is not limited for recreation purposes, homeowners make it a point to focus on the visual impact by adding more features and ornaments not seen in the traditional pools.

So here, we will be showing various ideas and designs you can use for your own pools:

1. Pool Waterfalls

Pool Waterfalls

The flowing water from the waterfalls makes the swimming pool look lively.

2. Rain Harvest

Rain Harvest

Everybody will definitely enjoy the water flowing directly from the jacuzzi to the pool.

3. Aqua Blue Pools

Aqua Blue Pools

When a waterfall and a fountain is combined, you get a pool that breaks the silence in the backyard.

4. Pool Al Jaw Her

Pool Al Jaw Her

The waterfalls and the pool make a beautiful and relaxing landscape.

5. Mansfield


The fountain and the waterfalls in this swimming pool makes the view look natural as possible.

6. Doherty


Yes, the waterfalls added in this swimming pool looks different. But it sure does add beauty to the place very well.

7. Oasis


A stress free zone is created after combining the gazebo, a pool, and a waterfall.

8. Pool Waterfalls with Fire

Pool Waterfalls with Fire

The fire effects used in the waterfalls makes the pool look so lively.

9. Rico Rock

Rico Rock

With a swimming pool like this, you don’t have to go far away from the city.

10. Pool Waterfalls 5

Pool Waterfalls 5

The waterfalls flowing from the rock formation offers serenity to the place.


11. USR Tropical Pool

USR Tropical Pool

With the waterfalls and the swimming pool combined, you get a well-designed landscape.

12. Pool Waterfalls Swim NJ

Pool Waterfalls Swim NJ

This swimming pool design brings nature closer to the family members.

13. Inground Swimming Pool

Inground Swimming Pool

With the colorful lights installed near the waterfalls, the continuous flow of water in the pool is given emphasis.

14. Luxury Custom Pool

Luxury Custom Pool

When you combine tall green trees with a beautiful pool landscape, you get a great place to unwind.

15. Pool Scott

Pool Scott

This is one pool that comes with modern features. It sure does look inviting.

Waterfall features like the ones presented above definitely create a strong effect to any outdoor environment. So, would you want to use any of these ideas in your home?



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