Want to Take Revenge? Send Your Enemies This ‘Poop in a Box’

Want to Take Revenge? Send Your Enemies This ‘Poop in a Box’

Do you have someone who you really hate to high hell? Do you want to take revenge for the things that they did to you which have caused a great deal of emotional or physical pain? If you want to plot and send the perfect revenge without too much hassle, or you just want to play a prank on someone, here is the perfect idea for you.


Introducing the “Poop in a Box” by Shitexpress, the most efficient and convenient way to say ‘I hate you.’ or ‘Have a crappy day!’ to your most hated enemy.





With their service, you can now send horse dung worldwide with just the click of mouse. All you have to do is go to their site and fill out necessary fields like the name and address of your recipient. You can send it anonymously, and you can leave a personalized message to your nemesis.




They accept cryptocurrency such as Paypal and Bitcoin for your payment. Then, they will deliver the loving package anywhere in the world.

Nobody will have a clue as to who was the culprit who delivered and left a fresh batch of horse crap in your foe’s doorstep.








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