17 Most Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers Ever Made

17 Most Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers Ever Made

Weddings are the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a couple. Although committing your whole life to your partner is a great deal, it doesn’t mean weddings have to be boring and dull. Besides, it’s going to be your special day, so you are free to laugh out and show off your true colors to everyone. Regardless of how you want to do that, there is nothing simpler than having a hilarious wedding topper.

Check out these wedding toppers that might inspire you to be a bit funky and funny on your wedding day:

1. This is one literal bridezilla.

2. Do you think this is better for a divorce cake?

3. Sink in the hole of marriage.

4. Here is one wedding to re”meme”ber.

5. No more horsing around.




6.  Caught sneaking a pinch!

7. This happens when you celebrate too much on your wedding.

8. Eat that!

9. We did WHAT?

10. Just roped him in!




11. Alien vs. Predator

12. You are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Always Right.

13. Game over!

14. Finally, reeled him in.

15. A fairy tale wedding




16. A cake topper for fitness buffs.

17. #married

Check out these other hilarious wedding cake toppers:



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