Hilarious Fail GIFs that Will Leave You Laughing

Hilarious Fail GIFs that Will Leave You Laughing

Sometimes we have these urge to do something stupid and crazy. What could go wrong, we ask? These seemingly bright ideas turns into a hilarious situations in an instant. Whether we want to prove ourselves, show off to our friends or just trying something new (and stupid!), something weird and unexpected will inevitably happen.

We combed through the Internet to find these unbelievable gifs that can bring smile and grimace to your face. Here are some outrageous and funny fail gifs.

1 When Daddy Borrows Your Car

2 Spin ’round and ’round!

3 Swing Low Sweet Chariot

4 Sure. That’s a Great Idea!



6 Almost…

7 Stand Right There, You’ll Be Safe…Whoops!

8 When Cool Is Just One Hop Away

9 A Crash Course in Hotel Etiquette

10 That’ll Buff Out


11 Timber!

12 There Should Be A Weight Limit On That Swing

13 Wheelie Time – Get Off, Human!

14 Look Out!

15 Stairway to Heaven


16 They See Me Rollin’

17 I Believe I Can Fly

18 Not So Fast, Early-Celebrators

19 Monster Battle

20 Show Off!


21 How Romantic

22 Scooters Are Known for Being Super Sturdy, Right?

23 Popping a Balloon With a Jump Kick

24 The Physics Major

25 That Hurts


26 You Get What You Deserved

27 Double-Whammy!

28 This is For Science.

29 When Showing Off Your New Bike

30 No Use Bleeding Over Spilled Milk


31 Whoops!

32 Some People Shouldn’t Go Near Guns

33 Who Told You To Wrestle An Alligator?

34 The Best Idea This Guy Had

35 Disaster in 3…2…


36 Look Before You Leap

37 Start Your Exercise Regime Slowly

38 It Was Nice Bumping Into You

39 This Guy Never Learns

40 NEVER Drink and Slide


41 Go Back to School, Boys!

42 Extreme Nut Cracking!

43 Never Taunt A Seagull

44 You Got This, Bro

45 Do I Look Cool?


46 You’re Way Off Target

47 Backflip – Skateboard – Great Idea

48 Never Drink and Skate

49 I Don’t Even

50 Nice Play


51 Daddy Nooooo!

52 Stay Still… Just Gonna Adjust Your Camera

53 Ooops


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