18 of the Best Wedding Ring Tattoos for Couples


Wedding is a breathtaking ritual where two hearts are joined together as one. Of course, these ceremonies are done with rings that symbolize love and commitment. It serves as a daily reminder of the promise that couples made to each other.

Modern days have brought a fresh approach for tying the knot. Instead of rings, some couples have decided to mark themselves married — literally — through tattoos.

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Here are 18 examples of wedding ring tattoos:

1.  The Celtic Triskele Tattoos

The Celtic Triskele Tattoos

For the Celtic culture, the triskele varies in meaning. But this married couple took the three interlocked spiral as a sign of power, intellect, and love.

2.  Owl and Tree Tattoo

Owl and Tree Tattoo

An owl cannot live without a habitat. So no matter how far the tree is, it will come back to its shelter, and the tree will keep it safe and sound.

3.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos

How cute is that? These famous Disney characters, who are well-known as couples, may also be used to signify eternal bond.

4.  White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoo has been a trend for a while now, and using it to tattoo your partner’s name in your ring finger can be so stunning and romantic.

5.  Steampunk Tattoos

Steampunk Tattoos

These steampunk-themed wedding ring tattoos has brought the concept of cool to a new level.




6.  Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos

These two want to proclaim their endless love to each other through the symbol of eternity — the infinite sign.

7.  Wedding Date Tattoos

Wedding Date Tattoos

What a sweet idea make the dates of their marriage as their wedding ring tattoo! I doubt that they will forget their anniversary years from now.

8. Musical Notes Tattoo

Musical Notes Tattoo

Does music connect you in every way? This tattoo is great for couples who became each other’s muses for lives.

9. Skeleton Tattoos

Skeleton Tattoos

These tattoos are a great way declare your love to others. Talk about “Till death do us part”!

10. Colorful Ring Tattoos


Having a hard time picking your wedding rings? You and your other half can just simply go crazy with colors around your ring fingers.




11.  Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos

Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos

What a smart and simple way to say that you already tied the knot!

12.  Band Tattoos With Initials

Band Tattoos With Initials

Matching bands with your lover’s initials in your finger is such a romantic way to celebrate your love during your special day.

13.  Partner’s Name Tattoos

Partner's Name Tattoos

You can also inscribe the full name of your partner in your ring finger with such a mesmerizing result.

14. King and Queen of Hearts Tattoos

King and Queen of Hearts Tattoos

These sweet couple decided to mark themselves each other’s king and queen of their hearts.




15.  Half Heart Tattoos

Half Heart Tattoos

One tattoo may seem meaningless. However, when you join it with its other half, these tattoos only say one thing: “You complete my heart”

16.  Winged Heart Tattoos

Winged Heart Tattoos

Another wedding ring tattoo design to represent the love you have for each other.

17.  Heart Lock and Key Tattoos

Heart Lock and Key Tattoos

“You hold the key to my heart”

18.  Black and White Ring Tattoos

 Black and White Ring Tattoos




Stuck on unique ideas for your wedding ring tattoo? Now, here is a simple one! It is mesmerizing, nonetheless, wouldn’t you say?


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