18 Photos of Really Adorable Horses

18 Photos of Really Adorable Horses


Horses are extremely cute creatures. But when they act in ways they are not expected to do, they become even cuter. Take a look at these absolutely charming photos of horses:

1. This horse obviously wants to give his cat pal a smooch.

2. This horse whose size is quite intimidating.

3. Who said horses are not allowed to own a teddy bear?

4. This horse is a total curly-cutie.

5. This guy seems confused about the looks of the “new horses”.




6. This horse who found new friends.

7. This gent insists on having a bedtime story.

8. This hoofed pair is thinking of buying a new property.

9. This pony is one loyal follower.

10. This horse photobombs like a pro.




11. She sure has the most fabulous mane hair.

12. Of course, horses love to cuddle with a dog too.

13.  …and another dog.

14. …and plenty of cats.

15. This horse is definitely living the life.




16. These horses are a whole bunch of sunbathing beach babes.

17. These miniature horses and the optical illusion they created.

18. This horse who cannot contain his love for snow.






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