20 Creative Tiny Homes For Simpler Life

20 Creative Tiny Homes For Simpler Life


tiny home collage

Small houses are a popular choice for someone who want to have a cool home that is space-conserving. It is also affordable in terms of maintenance.

With these trending designs from all over the world, you would spend a much simpler life in comfort and portability. Surely you would want to live in one of them.

1.  Porter cottage tiny house

porter cottage tiny house

2.  A 250-square-foot garage converted into a home.

converted garage

3.  Portable mini home with style

portable mini home

4.  Tiny house sitting on a rock in Serbia for over 45 years

tiny house on a rock serbia


5.  World’s most narrow house

worlds tiny house

6.  Tiny New York cabin in the woods

cabin woods new york

7.  Eagle point tiny house with a grass roof

tiny home green roof

8.  Mobile blob VB3 tiny house

blob vb3 tiny house

9.  Unique floating wooden egg house

floating wooden egg house


10.  Nido Cabin Tiny House

nido cabin tiny house

11.  Tiny Sled Beach Hut

tiny sled beach hut

12.  Floating modern tiny home

floating modern tiny home

13.  Tetsu Treehouse in Japan

tetsu treehouse japan

14.  Nomad micro home

nomad micro home

15.  Shipping container tiny house

shipping container tiny house

16.  Hand built tiny tack house

tiny tack house

17.  APH80 portable tiny house

aph80 tiny house

18.  Big Sur tiny hawk house:

tiny hawk house

19.  Tumbleweed tiny house

tumbleweed tiny house

20.  Eco-Perch tiny tree house

eco perch tiny tree house


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