Top 10 Videos of the Best Trained Dogs in the World

Top 10 Videos of the Best Trained Dogs in the World


While a dog can be our best friend, living with them can be pretty tough too. Cleaning their poop and enduring a night of loud and endless barking can be quite irritating. That’s why they often say, just like how taking care of a baby is hard, taking care of a dog is just as difficult.

They can be obedient sometimes though. Some can even parallel a real housemaid when it comes to protecting the household. Dogs can get famous too. Remember the almost Oscar-winning dog Rin Tin Tin? He appeared in twenty-seven Hollywood films. And who can forget Marley from Marley & Me? That’s why some people even go as far as training their dogs to make living with them more fun. Some of these dogs are very well-trained that they can have their own show. Check of the best trained dogs in the videos below.

This first one looks like it’s remote-controlled with the way it follows its owner’s every word. This might just be better at following instructions than your kid.

Bad at math? Ask this dog Maggie to teach you. And if you are someone who’s quite impatient. Learn the art of waiting from this dog.


This dog Zoe can have his own show. He can do it alone, and it will never get boring.


 This one’s better at directions than your compass.



Is your house helper not good enough? Might as well hire someone like Jesse. He’s too good at household chores it’s almost just right for you to sit all day and leave the cleaning to him.


Lexus looks scary, but he can just be obedient as any dog can possibly be.





This next one’s a total performer! Splash can sing, dance, and even paint.


Yuli is an award-winning dog. It has won a couple of Best Talking Dog awards. The real star, indeed.



Nana sure is a naughty one. But, dude, this dog can even do skateboarding! And her advice to everyone: keep training PAWsitive.





A playtime with this dog will be the most interesting! It knows when to stop and move again too.


Dogs can bite you, but they can always play with you too. These trained dogs are proof that humans don’t have the right not to follow simple instructions because even them know how to be obedient.



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