20 Funny Photos of Animal Ninjas

20 Funny Photos of Animal Ninjas


There are times when animals can be really funny, especially when they show off their inner ninjas. While others are more natural at it, there are some whom you just need to catch in action.

Because of the innate tendencies of animals to morph into ninja mode, we have gathered some of the funniest animal ninja moments for your viewing pleasure. If you are in need of some laughs today, then stick around and check out our compilation below.

1. The Ecstatic Ninja Dog

This is the quintessential image of a ninja dog happily practicing his ninja moves amidst all the falling autumn leaves.

2. Dog Sits Unfazed by Ninja Cat

Although kitty is already doing his best ninja move, the dog just seems to be unfazed by his antics. Maybe doggy is just allowing the cat to practice some more, before he shows off his own moves.

3. The Scary Hamster Ninja

You ought to watch out for this hamster ninja. Because of his size, he is the scariest of them all as you will never see him come and get you, even when he is not in his stealth mode. His choice of weapon is classic as well – a spaghetti stick instead of a staff.

4. Cute Ninja Kittens

This seems like a pretty fair fight. The kitties do not only have good ninja skills, they look deadly adorable, too.

5. Ninja Dog In Tree

If this isn’t a ninja dog on the lookout for something, I don’t what it is. Why else would it be up on a tree?




6. Squirrel Ninja

Now, that is one wicked ninja move.

7. Dog Taken Out by Cat Ninja

This cat ninja definitely has some great moves on his arsenal. His warrior skills are so phenomenal, he was able to take down his arch enemy with one quick kick that sent him to dreamland.

8. Flying Tiger Kitten

This lithe ninja may be a kitten, but it is actually practicing its flying tiger technique. It helps a lot that he has nine lives and is quite limber on his feet.

9. The Stealthy Rabbit Ninja

This rabbit ninja is the master of stealth. He is very patient in hiding, waiting, and biding his time, you will never know when he will strike.

10. The Silent but Fierce Squirrel Ninja

His moves might be silent and stealthy, but they are deadly. His signature walk on two feet is what throws the enemy the most.



11. Chameleon Ninjas

The color-changing skills of chameleons are perfect for being a ninja, as it is easier for them to hide themselves even if they are in plain view. They have other great skills as well and these include their incredible balance and flexibility.

12. The Kitty Ninja Pounce

This cat ninja is so good at his pounce move that that other cat will never know what hit him until it is right on his face.

13. Kitty Ninja in Training

Here is another kitten that is intent in mastering his ninja moves. By the looks of it, he is on his way to achieving his goals with flying colors.

14. The Soaring Ninja Cat

This tiny ninja is still trying out his newly-acquired flying tiger skills. Pretty soon, that fearful look on his face will be replaced with something fiercer.

15. The Ninja Hides Well

One of the most important skills of a ninja is stealth and this ninja has mastered this quite well. Just look at him get his hand on those goodies.



16. A Fight Between Two Ninjas

The dog ninja thought he had the upper hand, until the cat ninja threw him an upper hook that sent him reeling.

17. Training to Be a Puppy Ninja

He may be a puppy, but he secretly admires the nimble skills of the cat ninjas. So, there he goes practicing all the moves that makes cat ninjas good at the ninja game.

18. The Invisible Ninja Cat

This cat has mastered his ninja skills so well that he can blend in with his surroundings and become invisible.

19. The Mouse Ninja Practicing His Stealth Skills


This mouse ninja looks like he is doing a great job at practicing his ninja skills. You’d better hide your treats well or you will have them pilfered by this ninja master in no time at all.

20. The Ninja-Born Raccoon

Ninja skills are inherent among raccoons. They are actually born with them. Look at how this one managed to overcome obstacles just to get his hands on some goodies.




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