20 Mind Blowing Facts About Coca-Cola

20 Mind Blowing Facts About Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is one of the world’s most recognizable brand. Coca Cola’s products are consumed in billions every day. As Coca Cola’s popularity continuous to rise, people still doesn’t know more about the company and the beloved soda beverage.

Here are 20 mind blowing facts about Coca-Cola that you may not know.

1. Coca Cola as rust remover.

A rusty spoon will shine like new if you soak in a Coca-Cola and leave it for 8-10 hours to scrub lightly in the end.


2. Coca Cola was once advertised as “the perfect cure for hangover”.

Yep. It was rumored to contain cocaine too.


3. 94% of the world’s population recognizes the red and white Coca-Cola logo.

Every day, hundreds of people drink Coca-Cola.


4. Coca Cola is a powerful relief from stings and bites.

Mosquito bites won’t be as itchy if you have a Coca-Cola.


5. 3.1% of all beverages consumed around the world are Coca-Cola products.

Out of the 55 billion different beverages that are drunk by people all over the world, 1,7 billion are licensed drinks of Coca-Cola Company.


6. Coca Cola’s red is a very specific color and the company puts a lot of weight on keeping that color the exact same.

People call it the “Coca-Cola red.”


7. The average person drinks one Coca-Cola every day.

The company spends more than Microsoft and Apple combined in advertising.


8. Coca Cola produces so many different products that if you were to drink one each day, it would take you 9 years to try them all.

Would you dare try drinking all of Coca-Cola products.


9.  Pouring a packet of peanuts into a cold Coca-Cola is an old American southern snack.

Wonder how that taste.


10. American Coca Cola tastes different to International Coca Cola.

Try drinking Coca-Cola from another country and compare its taste to your country’s coke.


11. Coke Zero is for men because Diet Coke is associated with women.

But they are basically the same formula.


12. Coca-Cola was once boycotted for antisemitism.

Also some of the company’s ads were banned for obscenity!


13. ONE share of Coca-Cola stock in 1920, it would be worth $6.7 million by 2010.

It’s time for time travel!


14. If every drop of Coke ever produced were put in 8-ounce bottles and laid end-to-end, they would reach the moon and back over 2,000 times.

That much and no one has yet to challenge that statement!


15. Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year.

Look at where they are now!


16. Coca-Cola would be green if coloring were not added to it.

Would you drink a green Coca-Cola?


17. Need to defrost your frozen windshield? Use Coca-Cola.

Just pour coke on the frozen area and scraped.


18. Coca-Cola says only two people alive know the Coca-Cola ‘recipe’, and they aren’t allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes.

It’s one of the most closely guarded secret in the world.


19. The large Santa with a white beard and red clothing that we are used to today was actually created by Coca Cola.

The image of Santa Claus today was first used by Coca-Cola.


20. North Korea and Cuba are the only 2 countries in the world that don’t sell Coca Cola.

Both countries are under American embargoes.


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