Heavily Loaded Motorcycles in Asia

Heavily Loaded Motorcycles in Asia

Motorcycles are quite popular in Asia. They are very convenient vehicles. Almost every country in Asia, motorcycles rule the street. But unlike some western countries where motorcycle driving and riding are heavily regulated, motorcycles in Asia can carry almost anything.

This very dangerous and scary practice is prevalent in Asian countries.


Here are some pictures of how much load motorcycles carry in Asia.

Yep. A motorcycle carrying all the owner’s things.
Hmm. I wonder where the driver would sit.
His chopper can carry more boxes than your puny car!
Don’t mind me. I’m just taking my bike for a walk.
A motorbike carrying another bike. Your argument is invalid!
Balance is the key!
Just relocating my farm.



Me too!
My new TV is awesome.
The strongest bike in the world!
His bike has the most comfy seat of all bikes in the world.
Too much extra tire.
Overloading? What overloading?
We can sit one more passenger!
Ninja driving.
Look, ma! One hand!
Hmm.. The cow seems comfortable.



We can carry more!
Chickens for sale!
I’m going for a road trip.
The traveling store!
The lawnmower bike.
This is perfectly legal.

What truck? We need no truck!
This is what Filipinos call the Skylab!
Just an extra protection.



A surfer bike.
Motorcycle’s new safety feature.
The 8-seater motorcycle!
Yep! That’s a sheep.
For long drives.
Pity those driving at the back!
The Indian school bus/bike!
The hanging gardens of Asia on wheels.
If you look clearly, the woman is floating on the air!

Check out related videos about overloaded motorcycles below:

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