26 Unexpected Places Your Cat Might Be Hiding

26 Unexpected Places Your Cat Might Be Hiding

Cats have their way of getting themselves to spots where they’re not supposed to be. And when we catch them in the middle of their acts of mischief, we’d rather be amused than be mad.

Right on the page where you left off in your journal.

Fresh from a breastfeeding sesh.

In your vault where you keep your valuable documents. Well, she thinks she’s that priceless.

Keeping herself warm in your fridge.

And in some public fridge too!



Dozing off in this outdoor chair. This lazy camper should be sent off.

Checking the mail before you do.

Way up there causing a door jam.

Making some music with your guitar.

Getting comfy in your gutters.



In your gym bag, tucked warmly after a few reps.

Counting your dishes for dinner.

Secretly having some movie marathon while she thought you were asleep.

Being your mechanic of the day.

Don’t have turkey for Thanksgiving? No problem! This cat presents herself as the sacrificial meal.



Parkouring in your walls.

Hiding the 8 ball.

Coming out from the printer as a live print.

Up your sleeve. If you’re not bringing him along to work, he’s inviting himself.

Getting herself some free ride.



Getting some tan indoors.

Helping with the laundry.

Running away with your son’s bike.

Manually spinning the ceiling fan around.

Trying your skinny jeans.



Taking Biology 101.

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