Laziness Level 1000: You Won’t Believe These Pictures

Laziness Level 1000: You Won’t Believe These Pictures

And you thought you were lazy. Wait until you see these people who have mastered laziness they deserve a Walk of Fame star for this. Here’s a wonderful compilation of pictures of people taking laziness into another level!

Dog Driver


Can’t walk; must use Segway.


Is this genius or what?


4 Steps?!


Couch Surfing




We should all try this.


No-Shame Pup


You only have one job!


Math is hard.


It’s too much effort!




Father of the Year


It’ll do.




Assembly can wait.


Putting bread in the toaster is too much for you?






Father of the Year Part 2


Segway Madness


Daylight savings made easy.


Where’s my sandwich?!




This is dangerous!


Ice Cream Eating Laziness Level 10


Why walk when I can just call?


Ehh . . . that will do.


Laziness Guru




Happy birthday!


Why get out of the car?


I take my seat everywhere I go.


Shameless Organization


They see me rollin’. . .




More shameless use of a Segway.


So tired.


The future of protesting!


The Product of Laziness


Working Out: Lazy Version




Flying is tiring.


You’ll be safe here.


Just relax.


Why is this called fast food again?

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