30 Genius Ways to Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

30 Genius Ways to Organize Your Tiny Kitchen


Is your kitchen bursting at the seams? Well, if you are going a bit crazy just trying to fit everything in your small kitchen, this article is definitely for you. Here are some brilliant ideas to make every inch of your teeny-tiny kitchen count.

1. Stack pans using pan dividers to make searching an easier task.

Make it easier to find the pan you need by stacking them using pan dividers.

2. Hooks, chalk markers, and chalkboard paints could help you organize your measuring cups and remember measuring equivalents.

Keep measuring equivalents and measuring cups handy with some hooks, chalkboard paint, and a chalk marker.

3. Utilize the area underneath the ceiling using shelves.

Line the area right underneath the ceiling with shelves, especially if your cabinets don't reach all the way up.

4. Invest in a Lazy Susan cabinet to make use of every accessible corner space.

5. A magnetic spice rack on the door of your fridge should keep your spices intact.

Naturally, a magnetic spice rack would also work well on the side of your fridge.




6. Light items, such as cooling racks and baking sheets can be organized using a dividing file rack.

7. Use a moldable glue to create customize pot lid holders on the door of your cabinets.

Use Sugru (a moldable glue) to make customized pot lid holders on the inside of your cabinets.

8. A pocket organizer should help you maximize the storage space under the sink.

9. To save some space, it is best to hang pots and pans somewhere out of reach.

Hang pots and pans somewhere up high.

10. If magnetic spice rack on the fridge seems inconvenient for you, try hanging a sheet of tin in the cabinet doors.

You could also hang a sheet of tin on the inside of your cabinets to create a magnetic spice rack.




11. Use baskets to organize stuff in cabinets.

Make up with shelves what you might lack in cabinets.

12. Reuse an old magazine holder by making it an aluminum foil holder.

You can also repurpose old magazine holders as Ziploc bag and aluminum foil holders.

13. Install corkboards inside your cabinets to utilize every available space.

Hang corkboards on the inside of your cabinet door to take advantage of every bit of space.

14. An over-the-sink shelf should create an additional counter space.

Create extra counter space by buying an over-the-sink shelf.

15. Cabinet doors are the best places to hang gloves, rags, and pot holders.






16. Place individual jars inside baskets.

This version uses baskets instead of individual jars.

17. Keeping an over-the-sink chopping board can somehow widen your counter space.

Keep an over-the-sink cutting board handy to temporarily expand your counter space.

18. A pegboard makes a great wall organizer.

19. Install tiny shelves in the corners of your counter for your cups and glassware.

If cup and glass storage is at a premium, you can also install small shelves.

20. Screw hooks in a corner cabinet can be used to hang pots and pans.




21. Use baskets and hooks to create extra space in the cabinet under the sink.

22. Get yourself a folding table to maximize space.

23. Install a shelf on top of your shelf.

Put shelves on top of your shelves.

24. A handy rolling cart can add up to your storage space.

Even a small, narrow rolling cart can majorly up your storage.

25. Kitchen sink drawers can make your counter space a bit bigger.




26. Use a magnetic knife strip so as to easily locate your knives.

Skip the counter-hogging knife block in favor of a magnetic knife strip, especially if counter space (and drawer space) comes at a premium.

27. Simply hang rails from your ceiling for your pans.

If space above your sink allows, you can hang a simple rail from your ceiling.

28. Simply install a shelf under another shelf.

OR put shelves UNDER your shelves.

29. If you think you can afford it, you can invest in a rolling shelf system.


30. If you wish to save space, a rolling kitchen cart can be of great use.





Here are other space-saving ideas for your tiny kitchen:



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