15 Oddly Shaped Swimming Pools

15 Oddly Shaped Swimming Pools

Swimming is fun, but swimming in a pool that looks odd yet beautiful is more fun. In fact, it’s unforgettable. Whether you want to swim in a pool surrounded with a tropical environment like that of Bali, or swim in a gold-plated pool like the one found in the Himalayas, we strongly think that the odd swimming pools below are by far, the best destinations for anyone who wants to beat off the summer heat the unique way.

A Pool within a Pool

An Indoor Pool with a Cave-Like Ambiance

A Pool that Converts into a Patio

Hide-away swimming pool...

Dusit Thani, Maldives’ One-of-a-Kind Pool




A Pool with a Built-In Hot Tub

A Natural Pool

unusually shaped swimming pool, natural filtration system and decked walkway

An Ultra Sleek and Award-Winning Pool Design by HYLA Architects

A Cat-Shaped Pool




A Funky Foot Pool

Feet Shape Swimming Pool

A Violin-Shaped Pool

Impressive Swimming Pool: Replica of a Stradivarius Violin

A Total Dream House Package

Indoor pool with slide.

An Indoor-Outdoor Pool

Dream swimming pool




Here are other odd swimming pool designs from all over the world:


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