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$4M Ferrari Pileup – The World’s Most Expensive Car Crash


Car Crash

Any kind of accident will never bring good to the people involved.

Everyone who was ever part of it, especially the 10 drivers who figured in the world’s most expensive car crash, went through a whole lot of mess and this ranged from physical trauma to financial implications.

The epic accident came out over Japanese media on December 2011 when a band of cars released a chain reaction smash on the freeway in Shimonoseki in Western Japan.

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Car Crash

This, however, was no ordinary vehicular pile up of random cars.

The chain reaction car pile had the Internet buzzing for the fact that the cars were very expensive. The accident involved eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and a Mercedes Benz.


Mercedes Benz




The amount of the damage added up to £ 2.6 million ($ 4 Million)

According to police reports, the driver of the lead Ferrari lost control of his respective luxury ride and those who were trailing behind him along with 9 supercars and three other vehicles failed to brake in time to spare themselves from the crash.

Super Cars Crash
Piled Up Cars

Police official Shinji Tanaka from the Yamaguchi prefectural police said that a total of 10 drivers were cited for the incident whose age ranged from 38-61 years old.

Luxurious Car Crash

“It’s rare to see a chain-reaction accident like this involving expensive cars. Some of the drivers told us they didn’t really know the specifications of their cars or just how powerful their acceleration was,” Tanaka said in an interview.

Ferraris Crash
Expensive Cars Totaled




Mercedes Benz

The said drivers were on their way to a super car event in Hiroshima when the incident occurred.

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