Art Creations of Mother Nature

Mother Nature’s Mind-Blowing Ice and Snow Art Creations


Snow and ice are some of Mother Nature’s most formidable creations. They are both dangerous and are a force to be reckoned with. They create many of the world’s greatest storm. They inspire the imagination with their natural beauty. A new kind of world seems to exist beyond the naked eyes as we see below the microscope.

Although quite unsafe, they could also offer some of the most beautiful and enchanting works of art you may ever see. They can turn the mostmundane of objects into sculpted works of art. And they can freeze the world into a Winter wonderland. Playing in the cold might not seem a good idea but if you find yourself marveling at Mother Nature’s wonderful creations, you would see that even the most dangerous forces in nature can have the most beautiful and surreal effects those that are in its path.

There is no perfect artist than Mother Nature herself and we are merely creatures who make her our home.

Here are just some of the most enchanting and mind boggling ice and snow formations ever found:

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Ice Ball
Frozen Plant
Beautiful Frozen Lake
Ocean Ice




Mesmerizing Ice
Ice Wheat

Frozen River

Ice Tree
Grass Ice




Frozen Berries

Beauty of Ice

Ice Flowers
Frozen Grass


Check out some more of these beautiful ice and snow formations below.




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