5 Gigantic Things You Won't Believe are Real

5 Gigantic Things You Won’t Believe Are Real


In a world where people are becoming more proficient at using image editing tools or software, it is quite hard to tell whether a photo is real or fake. Here are five extremely gigantic things you won’t believe are real.

Huge Ships that Carry Other Huge Ships

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Blue Marlin
MV Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

This is the MV Blue Marlin, a semi-submersible heavy lift ship that is designed to carry other large semi-submersible drilling rigs on its deck. It has 38 cabins that can accommodate up to 60 people. Also, it comes with other useful facilities, such as a workout room, swimming pool and sauna.






The Versabar is another huge ship that is engineered to retrieve massive objects from the ocean floor. The heavy lift vessel is considered the largest lift vessel, with a rated lift capacity of 7,500 tons.

Lumber Operations Long Time Ago

Old Lumber Operations

Before, it would take up to nine months to dry stacks of wood after these are cut into planks. This may seem an incredibly perilous way of stacking wood, but this is really the norm in the year 1919.

Old Time Lumber Operations

Old Lumber Operations

Another way of storing all these timber is through building ad-hoc railway bridges, similar to one that is located in Columbia City, Oregon. This is built in such way to give trains access to collect more timber.

Skyscrapers of the Sea

Bullwinkle drilling rig




Hydroelectric Dams

Oil drilling rigs may look small at first, but below the waterline is a hidden tall pile of support fixed steel oil platform. The Bullwinkle is one of the tallest oil drilling rigs found in the Gulf of Mexico, with 1,352 feet of its total height built underwater. The gigantic oil platform was actually installed by Heerema Marine Contractors in 1985.

Draugen oil field platform
Bullwinkle drilling rig

The Draugen is another huge oil field located in the Norwegian Sea. It is built with a concrete fixed facility at a sea depth of 800 feet.

Giant Aircrafts Designed to Carry other Aircrafts

Giant Aircraft

Big Aircraft




The Myasishchev VM-T is one huge aircraft designed to carry space shuttles and other massive mechanisms for them. It was then further modified to carry Soviet space shuttles and rocket boosters of the Buran program.

Hydroelectric Dams Using Huge Turbines

Hydroelectric power plant turbines

hydroelectric dam turbine

Hydroelectric dam turbines

The La Rance Barrage located in France was once the world’s largest tidal power plant, running 2,461 feet long. It has 24 turbines that produce up to 240 megawatts at peak. In 2011, the Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station opened in Korea, defeating the barrage. Its design consists of ten 25.4 MV bulb turbines submerged in water.

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