Take the upside down glasses challenge

Dare to See the World Upside Down, Take the Upside Down Glasses Challenge!


Human Eye

You would be amazed how incredible the human eye is!

A couple of guys namely Rhett and Link from Good Morning Mythical Morning tested just the human eyes’ ability of visual perception. Humans a couple of days during infancy still do not have the ability to perceive vision right side up.

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Rhett and Link

It is not only until the brain develops that the images we see are the right side up. This challenge was based on an experiment by psychologist George Stratton who invented the glasses and wore them for more than a week. It was not until the fifth day of the experiment that his brain had flipped the images right side up.

George Stratton

Upside Down Glasses




Upside Down Glass

The said goggles made by Stratton could also flip images right and left.

The over 11 minute video gives the viewers a strange upside down view of the world. It also featured games between the two who wore the glasses alternately and play the same game.

Upside Down Glasses
Upside Down Glasses
Upside Down Glass

Watch the rather amazing phenomenon of what the human brain does on visual perception.




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